Pregnancy Cravings and Moods Come to Life in Whimsical Photo Shoot

Because who doesn't dream of bathing in chocolate?
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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated April 5, 2017
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Image: Carrot Incorporations via Facebook

Pregnancy cravings have you wishing you could dive into some chocolate right about now? Or immerse yourself in all the strawberries you can handle? Art director Vaida Rasciute of Carrot Incorporations is bringing your fantasies to life.

The Ireland-based stylist got especially creative while she was pregnant with her youngest. Rasciute posed in bathtubs full of food representing her strongest pregnancy cravings, from the sweet (chocolate) to the spicy (chili peppers).

And the dramatic photo shoot — aided by makeup artist Aushra Lauren and CreativeLSPhotography — didn’t just illustrate cravings. Enlisting the help of makeup artist Giedre Bereisaite and photographer Agrita Vindzanova, Rasciute tackled the impersonation of her pregnancy moods, lounging serenely in tubs full of different flowers.

We’re loving the beautiful twist on the standard maternity shoot. But Rasciute isn’t the first to think outside the box. Some women ad unique, subtle touches with floral crowns. And some men pose for sessions all their own.

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