Rookie Humans Offers Picture-Perfect Crib Sheets for Newborns

This Crib Sheet Will Help You Score Breathtaking Photos of Your Newborn

The brag-worthy photos require little to no effort.
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June 11, 2019
rookie humans beautifully designed baby sheets
Image: Rookie Humans

Once baby comes along, you can kiss your phone storage goodbye. Yes, you will become that parent who can’t help but snap photos of their newborn every second of the day. It’s not your fault baby is so stinkin’ cute, right?! Perhaps, your amateur photo skills leave a lot to be desired. Fear not, you can still take DIY newborn photos and totally nail the shot.

Keep a few newborn photographer tips up your sleeve—like focussing on the right lighting and timing—and never underestimate the difference a backdrop can make. Relax, you don’t need an elaborate set or custom-made poster. A crib sheet will do. No, really!

Image: Rookie Humans

Rookie Humans doesn’t make any ol’ sheets. The company is built on a desire to help parents capture the magic of these fleeting moments with our tiny humans. Founded by mompreneur Gabriela Anggono, the brand makes whimsical crib sheets so you can capture picture-perfect snaps without even trying.

“I truly believe there is something magical about sleeping babies,” she tells The Bump. “I spent so much time watching my little ones sleeping in the crib, and one day I realized their sheets were acting as backdrops. It led me to want to reimagine their crib sheets in a way that added beauty and magic to those little moments."

There are a handful of different designs to choose from, so you can set the stage for a visual masterpiece. Go under the sea, into a magical forest or take a rocket to the moon. No matter which sheet you go with, make sure you score the shot, because really, is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?

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