28 Photos That Will Make You Actually Want to Sleep Like a Baby

They can fall asleep anywhere—but most of the time, it's on top of you.
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By Darcy Strobel, Senior Visuals Editor
Updated April 20, 2018
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At first, it might seem like baby will never sleep. (And it might seem that way again at 4 months.) But the reality is babies average at least 14 hours of sleep a day (including naps) throughout the first year. That is plenty of time to sneak in adorable photo ops like these.


3, 2, 1…Naptime!


Sleepy giggles on the go.


Long beach days call for naps on the ride home.


Four weeks old and already a couch potato.

Image: Carolyn J

Mom says it best: “Less than 24 hours old and already contemplating life’s deepest mysteries.”


A swaddle escape artist—but still sound asleep.


Zero interest in feeding the birds.


It’s impossible not to doze off when your sleep sack is this comfy.


Post-meal nap? We can all relate.  


Babies that nap together stay together.


Man’s best friend? Try baby’s best friend.


Can you spot baby?


Parenthood discovery: You are basically baby’s crib.


Dreams of cheering on favorite team at the world series.


When you get get him to sleep like this, you’re tempted to never move again.


Special bonds formed as newborns will be carried throughout their lives.


New parent hack: breastfeeding pillow as neck pillow.


Naptime > play time.


Proud big brother ensures baby bro will dream about him.


The aftermath of a bottle bender.


Adjusting to sights, sounds and smells outside the womb is tough work for a tiny baby.


Naptime is the perfect time to steal some extra kisses.


Nothing like an afternoon siesta after learning to eat solids.


When you fall asleep while sitting up, dad’s got your back.


Posing for the camera? He can do it in his sleep.


New friendship is solidified with some wet kisses.

Image: Mel Ross

Six months in and you’re still his favorite resting spot.


Happy to be home, parenthood has begun.

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