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Toys 'R' Us Is Making a Comeback (Sort of)

The spirit of Toys “R” Us lives on.
PUBLISHED ON 02/14/2019

Less than a year after Toys "R" Us liquidated its assets and closed its stores, the company is making a comeback, Forbes reports. Tru Kids, the new name of the brand, will be run by a handful of former Toys “R” Us executives, and is the parent company of Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us and owns the rights to Geoffrey and many of the store’s original toy brands.

A new name isn’t the only thing that's different. A large part of the ompany’s strategy revolves around a different approach to customer experience. Where Toys “R” Us failed to adapt to its largely online clientele, Tru Kids stores will have smaller storefronts and a much bigger ecommerce push.

But even if you're an online shopper tried and true, you'll want to bring your kids to the brand’s physical locations once they open. While technology will be a major focus for the new company, it’ll also incorporate in-store experiences, and is toying with the idea of pop-up shops and partnerships with other brands.

Will its new marketing and business strategy be enough to get us to skip Amazon and turn to Tru Kids instead? Only time will tell. For now, let’s take a nostalgic cheers to the toy store's return.

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