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50 Best Birthday Cake Ideas For Tots

Baby is having a birthday! Need birthday cake inspiration to DIY or to take to your baker? Here are 50 of our favorite designs.
Whimsical Cake

It's cute, cuddly and covered in cats! What more could you ask for in a totally sweet treat?!

Ninja Turtle Cake

Whether it's Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael or Leonardo that you love, this cake is perfect for a turtle-themed fete!

Toy Story Cupcake Tower

Less mess (and less stress!), these individual cupcakes will satisfy every Woody, Buzz and Mr. Potatohead at your party.

Piggy Cake
Your kid's obsessed with farm animals? Ask the baker to put together a barnyard friend. Party guests can sing "Happy Birthday" with oinks!
Guitar Cake

If your little guy can carry a tune, this colorful guitar cake guarantees a rockin' good time.

On Top of Spaghetti Cupcakes
Inspired by the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (or maybe your kid just loves Italian food), these silly cupcakes will get kids giggling!
Magic Hat Cake with Cupcakes!

For the ultimate magic trick — let your party guests choose: cupcakes or cake? Bonus points if you bake sweet little candies inside each cupcake.

Spiderman Cake

Entertaining a bunch of Spiderman fans? They'll go crazy for a spidey-themed cake.

Bumblebee Cake
Now this is one bumbebee we've got no problem chasing around all afternoon.
Lego Cake

Little guy loves to build? Then this is the cake for you! If you're planning on a big turn-out, stack a few different shapes on top of each other (and in different colors!).

Mickey Mouse Cake
Maybe you can't send your Disney-obsessed kids to the home of Mickey and Minnie for their birthday, but you can bring Mickey, Minnie and the gang to your kitchen table (and into everyone's tummies!).
Angry Bird Cake

There are a ton of cute Angry Bird-inspired dessert ideas out there. We love this one 'cause it's 3D!

Angry Birds

Raising an Angry Bird of your own? Then this is the cake for you! How cool is this though, seriously?

Fire-Inspired Cake

The perfect cake for your growing boy — especially if he's dreaming of fighting fire one day, too. You get bonus points if you get an off-duty firefighter to help him slice into it!

Police Cake

After a tough afternoon of playing cops and robbers with all your party guests, the good guys (and the bad!) will love this cake.

Little Miss Minnie

Every little girl needs a Minnie Mouse cake — and we're loving this one!

Setting Sail

Whether you're more of a pirate or a first mate — this cake has adventure written all over it!


If you've planned an afternoon-long adventure for your explorers, this delicious Dora-themed cake should be waiting for them at the finish!

Purpley and Perfect

Don't be afraid to toss a touch of pizzazz on your little girl's cake! Chances are, she'll love it!

Sweet Pea

This cake is an adorable treat for your little sweet pea — just don't hide any veggies in here and you're good!

One-Year Owl

How cute is this owl?! Just add your little peanut's first name to personalize the cake.

Pink and Purple Ladybug

Who says ladybug cakes have to be red and black? We love this one in pink and purple — perfect for your little girl's next birthday.

Tiered Train

This train-themed birthday — complete with matching invitation — came together quite nicely.

Sesame Street Party

If your little one is a big fan of Elmo, Ernie and Big Bird, this cake is perfect!

Toy Story Theme

Most of the major players from the Toy Story franchise are represented in this adorable cake — some are actually candles.

Baby Climber

Want to keep your kid's birthday cake neutral? Try one like this of a baby climbing a two-tiered cake. Adorable!

Edible Barbie Doll

Any Barbie doll in your kid's (or yours) will do. Build a cake around it — just don't serve the plastic Barbie obviously!

Big Elmo Face

A big Elmo face can't be that hard to recreate. Plus, your little tot will get a kick out of it!

Bob the Builder

Little boys love Bob the Builder! The vibrant colors in this special birthday cake earned it a spot on our list.

Cute Penguin

Awww — this birthday-cake penguin is so cute, (beware!) you may not want to cut and serve it to party guests.

A Road for Cars

Just add a car to a cake with a road design and voila — you've got yourself a Cars-inspired birthday cake, inspired by the animated movie.

All About Daisies

Okay, you may want to leave the spider off your kid's birthday cake, but the daisies in this simple cake design are fabulous!

Wallace and Gromit

This cake might be more for you (cartoon fans) rather than your kid, but it's still a really neat design.

Poppy Pig Party

Based on a popular children's book series, this birthday cake showcases Poppy Pig and friends.

Disney Princesses

If your little girl is obsessed with all of the Disney princesses, this easy-to-make birthday cake has her name written all over it. Just buy the figurines from the Disney Store.

Super Mario Cake

Kid can't put down his Nintendo DS because he's trying to beat a level of Super Mario? Consider this cake design for his next birthday.

Princesses and a Mushroom House

Another take on a princess cake, this design has the figurines scattered around a cute mushroom house.

Club Penguin Cupcakes

This cupcake collection is Club Penguin-themed for the little online gamer in your family.

Butterfly Beauty

Easy to create if there's an artistic side in you, this butterfly cake only requires two different colors of frosting and plenty of sprinkles.

Baby Princess Pick

This baby princess cake wins our stamp of approval and our award for cutest cake ever.

Baby's First Plane

Some fondant and careful cutting of shapes is all this birthday cake needed to be this perfect.

A Lovable Alligator

Although alligators are supposed to be scary, there's nothing to fear about this alligator cake. It's big enough to feed all of your party guests.

Baby's Building Blocks

Careful — this cake looks so authentic, baby might start playing with it as if it were her real building blocks. Keep away until it's cutting time!

Power Ranger Pride!

Fighting crime and saving earth will always be cool — and on top of a cake, it's pretty tasty, too. Go, go Power Rangers!

Little Ladybugs

How cool are these ladybug cupcakes?! We especially love the baker's use of Oreos.

Sweet Sunflower

This edible flower is actually good for both kids and adults alike. Perhaps your little one loves sunflowers, too?

My Little Pony

Now there's use for those old My Little Pony figurines you held onto from when you were a kid. Just sanitize before adding them to your little one's birthday cake.

Curious George Cake

We love the tiers on this Curious George birthday cake. Don't you?

Cookie Monster Eating Cookies

Oh how neat?! Cookie Monster eating cookies? What a genius idea for a birthday cake!

Disney Land

All of your favorite Disney characters in one — Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy — this birthday cake is one to remember.

By Ysolt Usigan