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The Launch Of Star Showers: A Night Supporting Maternal Health

On November 7th, we launched our first Star Showers event with a very special baby shower for mama-to-be Daphne Oz (host of The Chew and daughter of Dr. Oz). At the event, Daphne gave a touching speech on how every mom-to-be deserves access to safe, effective medical care during pregnancy and delivery — and we couldn't agree more! New and expecting moms Hilaria Baldwin , Georgina Bloomberg , Amber Sabathia and Georgina Chapman (from Marchesa) were also on-hand to celebrate and pledge their support for moms-to-be in need around the globe. Together with The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA),, and The Moms, we threw a mom-to-be bash to ensure that expectant women all over the world have access to safer labors and deliveries. There was cake, cookies, sweet treats and the promise of a better, safer tomorrow. Check out just how fabulous our first event was (and how flawless these women look!):

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Daphne Oz

How big is her baby? She's 25 weeks (an eggplant!).

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Hilaria Baldwin

The new mama looks stunning standing next to her The Bump magazine cover!

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Ramiro Quintana and Georgina Bloomberg

Grandpa Mike Bloomberg is expecting a grandchild this spring.

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Rebecca Dolgin and Daphne Oz

Our editor-in-chief and Daphne wowed on the step and repeat.

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Celeb mamas supporting

Amber Sabathia, Erica Reid, Hilaria Baldwin and founder Casey Santiago/

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Amazing Women Coming Together for a Great Cause

Mama Bare Founder Lynn Altman, Executive Director of White Ribbon Alliance Betsy McCallon, Denise Albert, Lisa Oz, Daphne Oz, Melissa Musen Gerstein, Casey Santiago and Author Joanne Lipman.

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Georgina Chapman

Effortlessly chic (it is possible moms!).

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Lisa and Daphne Oz

Daphne's mom hit the step and repeat to support her daughter (and grandbaby!) at the event.

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Rainbow Light

For every photo taken, Rainbow Light donated $100 to Star Showers.

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Daphne Oz

Now that's a baby shower cake!

Psst! The cake was from

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The Women Behind the Star Showers Launch

Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group founder Sara Weinstein, The MOMS Cofounder Denise Albert, Founder Casey Santiago, The MOMS Cofounder Melissa Musen Gerstein.

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