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Kylie McConville

20 Moments That Made You Realize You’re A Daddy

Father's Day is just a hop, skip and a jump away and it's time to celebrate the dudes' who've made it possible for us to become mothers. Though we love them, sometimes hate them and always wish they'd take a more active interest in doing the laundry (and the dishes), we've got to admit: There's nothing quite like a daddy. For our daughters, daddy is a girl's first (and longest!) love and for our sons, dad is the first guy who teaches them how to throw a football, how to suck down a hot dog at a baseball game and to make it look like you cleaned you room without ever really trying.

Daddies are defenders of the night, feared by all monsters under the bed and in the closet, respectively. And since we're all about celebrating dads — we thought we'd take a look back on the journey that got our beloved father's to where they are today. So pull up a chair, perhaps a tissue or two and a snack, because we're traveling back in time. Here's to fatherhood, every step of the way:

1. You have "The Talk" and decide to try for a baby!

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2. You come home to a POSITIVE pregnancy test.

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Seriously, dude — it's POSITIVE. As in, you're going to be a DADDY.

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3. You want to tell EVERYONE, but you try to play it off really cool.

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4. You realize — babies cost money.

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5. You go to Babies 'R Us for the first time.

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6. You try to set up the stroller.

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7. And the crib.

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8. And that weird cradley thing that baby's apparently supposed to sleep in.

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9. Your wife tells you to start planning your Dadchelor Party.

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10. You take a birth class with your wife.

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11. You think you can balance this whole work-life-newborn baby thing.

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You think you'll be all:

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But really, you'll be more like this:

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12. You find out baby's gender — and it's exactly what you guessed!

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13. The doctor suggests you watch a Birth Video... and OH MY GOD THAT'S WHAT REALLY HAPPENS?!!?!?!?!!?!

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14. You hear baby's heartbeat — for the first time.

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15. You feel baby kick.

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16. You're ready to change your first diaper.

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17. You think having a newborn will be easy peasy.

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But you forgot there's a lot of this:

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And this:

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But mostly, this:

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18. SURPRISE! It's go time, daddy! Your wife is in labor.

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19. The moment you first meet your baby, you realize there's nothing more beautiful than the life you've created.

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20. And how much you're going to love this new job as Daddy.

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Happy Father's Day, dads! We love you!

PHOTO: Thinkstock / The Bump
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