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The Coolest, Funniest Father's Day Gifts

40 gift ideas that are to make your man feel loved this Father's Day.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means you need a wow-worthy present, and stat! Not a problem. We've scoured the Internet to bring you the best of the best Father’s Day gift ideas, whether you're looking for a present that's personalized, ideal for first-time dads or something that's totally awesome and equally affordable. Scroll to see The Bump top picks.

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First Father’s Day gift ideas
Cool Father’s Day gift ideas
Personalized Father’s Day gift ideas
Funny Father’s Day gift ideas
Unique Father’s Day gift ideas
Cheap Father’s Day gift ideas
Father’s Day gift baskets
DIY Father’s Day gift ideas

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

While every Father’s Day is special, the first one is particularly important. Whether you want those first Father’s Day gifts to come from mommy or baby, we've got options that'll make the milestone in a meaningful way.

Baby bodysuit

This ridiculously adorable onesie says it all: “I’m Your Father’s Day Gift (Mom Says You’re Welcome).” This one sports a pink bow for a little girl, but it also comes in a blue bow tie for a baby boy.

Buy it: Uncle Jesses Father’s Day Baby Bodysuit, starting at $12, Etsy.com

Papa bear mug

An ideal gift for the father who's eager to announce his new dad status—and is in desperate need of caffeine.

Buy it: Hug In Mug Design Papa Bear Mug, $17, Etsy.com

Dad survival guide

Help your partner feel ready for his new parenting role with The New Dad's Survival Guide—a must-have book that offers hilarious tales and solid advice for dads, from dads.

Buy it: The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish, $7, Jet.com

Picture frame

A First Father’s Day picture frame is really a two-for-one gift: The frame—customized to feature your child's name and frame color of choice—is a great present on its own, but what really makes it heartfelt is the sweet baby pic you put on display. Equally perfect for dad’s bedside table or his desk at the office.

Buy it: Flowers in December First Father’s Day Personalized Picture Frame, $25, Etsy.com

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For the cool dude who's into his tech gadgets, gourmet coffee and bumpin' tunes, these Father's Day gifts are sure to be a big hit.

Tablet stand

For the dad who likes to binge-watch Netflix, gift him this flexible tablet stand, designed to be used while your guy lounges in bed (hopefully with a snack, as all good binge-watching sessions demand).

Buy it: Tablift Flexible Tablet Stand, $40, Thegrommet.com

Photo: Courtesy DeLonghi

Espresso machine

Truth: Parenting is tiring work. Give your partner a much-needed caffeine boost this Father's Day with a top-of-the-line espresso maker, which zips out stellar cups of espresso and coffee at the touch of a button.

Buy it: DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso, $510, Amazon.com

Bluetooth speaker

Retro vibes are back in style. For cool dads who appreciate unbeatable sound quality, this 70s-style mini-amp speaker is just the thing. Combining vintage design with modern-day features, the speaker is portable, rechargeable and boasts Bluetooth connectivity.

Buy it: Marshall Kilburn Speaker, $300, Macys.com


The only other woman Dad’s allowed to have in his life? Amazon’s Alexa. She can play music, make calls, send and receive messages, give you the headlines, set alarms and more. The best part? He doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Buy it: Amazon Echo Dot, $50, Amazon.com

Water-resistant speaker

The Bose speaker, complete with an easy-to-tow handle, is water-resistant, making it ideal for Dad’s shower sing-alongs.

Buy it: Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker, $299, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Audio Technica

Bluetooth turntable

There’s nothing quite like the sound of vinyl—but what dad wants an outdated record player? This sleek gadget automatically places the stylus on records for you and returns the tonearm when the record ends. Plus, it connects wirelessly to speakers via Bluetooth technology.

Buy it: Audio Technica Bluetooth Wireless Belt-Drive Stero Turntable, $150, Amazon.com

Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking to take your Father’s Day gifts to the next level? Try giving them an extra-personal touch. From engraved gifts to customized prints, here’s the best of the best in personalized Father's Day gifts.


Is your kids’ father their ultimate hero? This Batman keychain—complete with the names of his “sidekicks” and a heartfelt Father’s Day message—is one of the few Father’s Day gifts that'll go with Dad wherever he goes.

Buy it: Batman Keychain, $29, Etsy.com

Cutting board

Is Dad king of the BBQ in your house? Fire up your Father's Day gift-giving with this “Grill Master” acacia wood cutting board, engraved with the text of your choice, like his name or a sweet Father’s Day note.

Buy it: Our Board Boutique Grill Master Cutting Board, $49, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Put Me In The Story

Personalized book

Make story time even sweeter this Father's Day with a personalized book all about Dad. He may not be able to leap tall buildings or shoot webs from his wrists, but he's a hero in plenty of other ways. Customize the book by adding Dad's name, photo and a special dedication message.

Buy it: My Dad, My Hero Personalized Book by Ethan Long, $35, Putmeinthestory.com

Custom print

Your family's love for Dad burns bright as the stars—which is why this customized print, depicting the night sky the day your child was born, is such a perfect Father's Day gift idea. Provide the date and location of baby's birth, pick out the color, font and text you want, and these Etsy sellers will design a fully personalized print. Have more than one kid? You can opt to showcase the constellations for each child's birthday.

Buy it: Our Love Was Born Constellation Print, starting at $30, Etsy.com

Pocket watch

Time flies when you're a parent—how fast kids grow! Give Dad this engraved pocket watch to help him keep track of time and you'll be as good as gold.

Buy it: Things Remembered Gold Pocket Watch, $55, Thingsremembered.com

Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For dads who know how to have fun, humorous Father's Day gifts that'll elicit a giggle are always a great way to go. From tongue-in-cheek to straight-up LOL-worthy, we've got the perfect presents.

Graphic t-shirt

When it comes to funny Father's Day gifts, what's more apropos than a shirt sporting the classic Star Wars punchline?

Buy it: Shirtoopia I Am Your Father Star Wars Darth Vader Head T-Shirt, $26, Shirtoopia.com

Greeting card

If your kid is the apple that didn't fall far from the tree, this is the funny Father’s Day card for you. Available in both daughter and son editions.

Buy it: Lukanna Designs Like Father Like Daughter Father’s Day Card, $3, Etsy.com

Baby onesie

Even the most die-hard gamers take a break every now and then. If Dad needs a reminder, all he'll have to do is glance at baby decked out in this hilarious onesie.

Buy it: Penguins & Pineapples Funny Baby Bodysuit, $15, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Power Rangers

Coffee mug

Coffee is a dad's lifeblood. How else do you think he transforms into the superhero that he is every single day?

Buy it: Power Rangers But First Coffee Morphin Mug, $20, Shop.powerrangers.com

Shakespearean insults poster

For the dad who appreciates a witty turn of phrase, gift him a colorful diagram of some seriously creative insults, courtesy of William Shakespeare. (Personal fave? “Thou damned and luxurious mountain goat!”)

Buy it: Uncommon Goods Shakespearean Insults Chart, $25, Uncommongoods.com

Book of Dad jokes

For the dad who can’t resist a good dad joke, his Father’s Day gifts should include the ultimate roundup: The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes. Good luck keeping a straight face.

Buy it: The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because Your Dad Thinks He's Hilarious, by Ian Allen, $12, Jet.com

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Ties and money clips may be classic choices, but if you really want to knock Dad’s socks off this Father’s Day, go for truly unique Father’s Day gifts. From football-shaped grills to fish-shaped flasks, these unexpected finds are the perfect surprise.

Portable football grill

Heat up Dad’s tailgate game with a travel grill—shaped like a big, beautiful football, no less!

Buy it: Gibson Football BBQ Portable Charcoal Grill, $35, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Refinery Co

Beer pong table

Dad may not be in college anymore, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a good round of beer pong! An upgrade from his frat boy days, this foldable table set features fun catapults to launch the balls.

Buy it: Refinery Mini Wooden Beer Pong, $34, Amazon.com

DIY hot sauce kit

For the dad that likes to spice things up, a make-your-own hot sauce kit is the perfect Father’s Day gift. The kids can even help with this one by decorating the labels. (“Dad’s Famous Hot Sauce” with fire emojis, please.)

Buy it: Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, $35, Uncommongoods.com

Photo: Courtesy Foster & Rye

Fishing flask

The dad who enjoys a nip or two while fishing obviously needs a large fish-shaped flask. There’s no need to drink like a fish, but it sure is fun to drink out of one.

Buy it: Foster & Rye Trout Flask, $26, Jet.com

Stadium poster

For the dad who loves his baseball, Uncommon Goods prints blueprints of the stadium of your choice—a Father’s Day gift that’s sure to knock it out of the park.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods Baseball Stadium Blueprints, $185, Uncommongoods.com

Photo: Courtesy W&P

Carry-on cocktail kit

Being trapped on a plane with screaming kids is never fun, even (especially?) when it’s your own child. Help Dad relax with this unique cocktail kit, which comes with all the ingredients he needs to mix up a refreshing drink mid-flight.

Buy it: W&P Carry-On Cocktail Kit, $16, Jet.com

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts ($25 or Less!)

Want to get a cool Father’s Day gift that doesn’t break the bank? Not a problem. From tongue-in-cheek coffee mugs to books about beer, The Bump has you covered for cheap Father’s Day gift ideas—all $25 or less!

Star Wars themed earbuds

If your father is a huge Star Wars fan, he’ll get a kick out of these headphones with C-3P0-shaped earbuds. Not his favorite character? Darth Vader, Yoda and Darth Maul shaped buds are also available.

Buy it: Star Wars C-3P0 Earbuds, $10, Amazon.com

Cheeky coffee mug

For the dad that always has the answer, this coffee mug is the perfect cheap but cheeky Father’s Day gift.

Buy it: Sparkly Prints Dad Coffee Mug, $17, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Joe Coffee Company

Instant coffee

After a day of running after kids, when Dad needs a caffeine boost, he needs it ASAP—which is why this instant coffee is the Father’s Day gift of his dreams. Before you wrinkle your nose at the idea of instant, check out the offerings from Joe Speciality: It’s a seasonally sourced, craft-prepared and truly delicious blend of coffees from Peru and Columbia.

Buy it: Joe Speciality Instant Coffee, $18, Joecoffeeshop.com

Beer book

Written by Jeff Alworth, a beer expert from the West Coast where craft beer got its start, The Beer Bible will tell your microbrew-loving dad everything he’s ever wanted to know about his favorite beverage.

Buy it: The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth, $11, Jet.com

Photo: Courtesy nodpod

Weighted eye pillow

What do all parents wish they had more of? You guessed it—sleep. Give Dad some extra ZZZs this Father’s Day with a weighted eye mask. The gentle pressure is profoundly calming and naturally stress-reducing.

Buy it: nodpod Weighted Sleep Therapy, $25, Amazon.com

Father’s Day Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t like tasty treats? If you’re at a loss for what to give Dad, Father’s Day gift baskets are always a hit. Whether it’s a Father’s Day gift basket stuffed with ice cream, a cheese basket with a football-shaped sausage or a giant bucket of beer, this present is sure to warm his heart (and belly).

Cheese basket

The perfect cheese plate for dad obviously includes a football-shaped summer sausage. There’s also three-seed crackers and two different kinds of cheddar to add to the feast.

Buy it: Harry & David Football Sausage and Cheese Gift, starting at $30, Harryanddavid.com

Photo: Courtesy The Popcorn Factory

Popcorn tin

When Dad’s settled in to watch his favorite team, he’s going to need some snacks to get him through the game. Bingo: These sports-themed popcorn tins include three of The Popcorn Factory’s best-selling popcorn flavors: butter, cheese and caramel. Best of all, it comes decked out in your baseball or football team’s logo!

Buy it: The Popcorn Factory Sports-Themed 3-Flavor Popcorn Tin, $45, Thepopcornfactory.com

Artisanal ice cream basket

We all scream for ice cream—including Dad! This Father’s Day gift basket includes four pints of artisanal ice cream: a sea salt caramel with chocolate-covered pretzels, vanilla bean with cashew brittle, chocolate with chocolate chunks and malted milk with chocolate covered malt balls and caramel. Even sweeter? Each pint is decorated with a different Father’s Day-themed logo (like “Best Dad Ever”).

Buy it: Harry & David Father’s Day Ice Cream Assortment, $70, Harryanddavid.com

Bucket of beer

We think most dads would happily say yes to “The Ultimate Gift for Men”: a big bucket of beer. It comes with 12 craft beer bottles, popcorn, a bottle opener and a card for Dad.

Buy it: The Bro Basket The Ultimate Gift for Men, $90, Thebrobasket.com

Steak burgers

Is Dad hosting a Father’s Day BBQ? Tell him to skip the trip to the food store and grill these 12 steak burgers instead. Crafted from 100 percent Black Angus Chuck, these patties look like burgers, but boast all the juicy goodness of steak. Yum.

Buy it: Stock Yards Steak Burgers, $40 for 12, Harryanddavid.com

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sure, there are loads of shoppable Father’s Day gifts that Dad will love, but perhaps the most meaningful gifts are those you make with your very own hands. DIY Father’s Day gifts are the perfect thing for kids to give their fathers—all that’s required is time, imagination and a little bit of love, all of which kids have in spades.

Breakfast in bed

Even if it’s just cereal in a bowl and freshly poured OJ, breakfast in bed—especially breakfast made by your kids—never gets old.

Handmade card

Hallmark’s great, but they ain’t got nothin’ on a card designed by a kid! Crayon on construction paper? The ultimate. But if you want to add a little hilarity to the mix, have your little one fill out this personalized Father’s Day card. The answers will surely make you laugh—and possibly cry.

Decorated gardening gloves

A DIY Father’s Day gift that’s also practical? Gardening gloves, embellished with the handprints of daddy’s favorite little gardeners. All you need is a pair of gardening gloves and a different color of paint for each child.

Handprint platter

Another DIY Father’s Day gift that involves paint: a handprint platter. It could be Dad’s grill plate, or just a general cooking platter. Whatever he uses it for, it’s sure to be the only plate he cooks with.

Updated June 2018

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