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Father’s Day 2017 Gift Guide: The Best, Coolest And Funniest Gifts For Dad

Shop The Bump list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for dad, including personalized Father’s Day gifts, funny Father’s day gifts, gifts for first-time dads and the best Father’s Day gift baskets.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means you need a fierce gift, stat! But not a problem. The Bump has scoured the Internet to bring you the best of the best Father’s Day gift ideas, including personalized Father’s Day gifts, funny Father’s Day gifts, DIY Father’s Day gifts, cheap Father’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts for first-time fathers and the best Father’s Day gift baskets. (There are some particularly cool ones out there!)

Scroll to see The Bump top picks! And remember: No matter how big or small, every present gets an instant boost with a heartfelt card. That will be the gift dad never forgets.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The best Father’s Day gift ideas are often classic choices: cufflinks, ties and expertly fitted shirts. While they may be tried and true, these staples can still be great gifts. They’re classic Father’s Day gifts for a reason: They’re tasteful and useful. (Because let’s be honest, when was the last time dad went shopping for himself?)

But there’s so much more than sartorial Father’s Day gifts out there! From tricked-out suitcases to traveling grills, there’s a whole world of dad-perfect presents on this list, starting with something that can literally do it all.

The only other woman Dad’s allowed to have in his life? Amazon’s Alexa can play music, make calls, send and receive messages, give you the headlines, set alarms and a long list of other things for dad. And the best part? He doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Amazon Echo Dot , $50, Amazon.com

For the dad who’s always on the go, upgrade his luggage with the Bluesmart One, which, as its name implies, really is one smart cookie. It can lock, locate and weigh itself, not to mention charge dad’s devices. As far as best Father’s Day gifts go, it’s pretty clutch.

Bluesmart One , $314 (on sale!), Bluesmart.com

A classic pair of cufflinks, like these knotted beauties, will seriously never go out of style.

Lanvin Knot Cufflinks , $205, Bloomingdales.com

The Bose speaker, complete with easy-to-tow handle, is water-resistant, making it ideal for Dad’s shower sing-alongs.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker , $299, Amazon.com

And the father of all Father’s Day gifts: a traveling grill—shaped like a big, beautiful football! Tailgates beware; Dad is on the loose!

Gibson Football BBQ Portable Charcoal Grill , $35, Amazon.com

Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

While the classics are all winners, there is another way you can take your Father’s Day gifts to the next level: by personalizing it to your own, special, one-of-a-kind dad! Here’s the best of the best in engraved Father’s Day gifts, etched Father’s Day gifts and handpicked Father’s Day gifts, tweaked with love by you.

Your dad doesn’t have to be a pilot to appreciate this personalized Father’s Day gift: a plane keychain featuring “skywriting” that reads “Daddy’s copilots” and his little pilots’ names. This is one of the few Father’s Day gifts that will go with Dad wherever he goes.

The Design Chick Personalized Airplane Keychain , $24 (plus $4 for each additional cloud beyond the first), Etsy.com

The dad who doubles as the King of all BBQs needs this “Grill Master” bamboo cutting board, engraved with the additional text of your choice (like his name or a sweet Father’s Day note!).

Our Board Boutique Grill Master Cutting Board , starting at $14 (depending on size), Etsy.com

Store-bought cufflinks can become a personalized Father’s Day gift, especially if you’re shipping David Donahue. The brand sells many career-themed links, including ones for doctors (above), lawyers, bartenders, vets and sports coaches.

David Donahue Medical Caduceus Cuff Links , $165, Nordstrom.com

For the No. 1 dad with a penchant for ice-cold brews, this personalized beer glass should do the trick. (Wouldn’t hurt to pair it with a six-pack of his favorite craft beer, either!)

Things Remembered Number 1 Dad Beer Glass , $15, Thingsremembered.com

And last, but not least, something for Grandpa: a yellow-gold pocket watch—the ultimate watch for the ultimate O.G.—with a personalized message. (We vote for “Love you, Gramps.”)

Things Remembered Gold Pocket Watch , $55, Thingsremembered.com

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Of course, there are personalized Father’s Day gifts and personalized Father’s Day gifts. We mean the ones you make with your very own hands—the DIY Father’s Day gifts. While DIY Father’s day gifts are a fab idea for any kid, they’re especially especially appealing to the little guys, as you don’t need to spend a dime. Just time, imagination and a little bit of love, all of which kids have in spades.

  1. Even if it’s just cereal in a bowl and freshly poured OJ, breakfast in bed—especially breakfast made by your kids—never gets old.
  2. Hallmark’s great, but they ain’t got nothin’ on a card designed by a kid! Crayon on construction paper? The ultimate. But if you want to add a little hilarity to the mix, have your little guy fill out this personalized Father’s Day card. The answers will surely make you laugh—and possibly cry, just a little.
  3. A DIY Father’s Day gift that’s also practical? Gardening gloves, embellished with the handprints of daddy’s favorite little gardeners. All you need is a pair of gardening gloves and a different color of paint for each child. (And mom’s eternal patience, of course.)
  4. Another DIY Father’s Day gift that involves paint: a handprint platter. It could be Dad’s Grill Plate, or just a general cooking platter. Whatever he uses it for, it’s sure to be the only plate he cooks with.

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This section, filled with first Father’s Day gift ideas, might be the most important on this list. While every Father’s Day is special to a dad, the first one means so much. First Father’s Day gifts can come from mommy or baby (and we have options for both!). All that matters is that they mark the milestone. (And maybe make the new dad laugh, too.)

This ridiculously adorable onesie says it all: “I’m Your Father’s Day Gift (Mom Says You’re Welcome).” And FYI: While this one has a pink bow for a little girl, there’s also one in blue for a baby boy!

Uncle Jesses Father’s Day Baby Bodysuit , $13, Etsy.com

The “Papa Bear” mug, for the father who loves to announce his new dad status—and desperately needs caffeine.

Hug In Mug Design Papa Bear Mug , $14, Etsy.com

Because he knows absolutely nothing—but boy, is he about to learn a lot!—he needs The New Dad's Survival Guide, hilarious tales and advice for dads, from dads.

The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish, $11, Barnesandnoble.com

A First Father’s Day picture frame is a gift in two parts: You give the frame on Father’s Day, then snap a picture to pop into it later. It’s equally perfect for dad’s bedside table or his desk at the office.

Flowers in December First Father’s Day Personalized Picture Frame , $25, Etsy.com

And one for the soon-to-be dads! If you find out that you’re pregnant close to Father’s Day, you can save the surprise and do a reveal by presenting this memory block and a sonogram on Father’s Day morning. (Later, he can add pictures of you and baby, too!)

The Creative Route First Father’s Day Gift Personalized Ultrasound Frame , $26, Etsy.com

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Your dad? Quite possibly the coolest guy you know, which is why, much as we love sentimental Father’s Day gifts, we also had to include a list of cool Father’s Day gifts! These Father’s Day gift ideas are for the hipster dads with flawless taste in coffee and music, who are the first to know about the latest tech gadgets—and the first to try them out, too! But some of these gift ideas for Father’s Day are also for the dads who just know how to hang.

For the dad who likes to binge-watch Netflix like the rest of us, gift him this flexible tablet stand, designed to be used while lounging in bed (hopefully with a snack, as all good binge-watchers demand).

Tablift Flexible Tablet Stand , $40, Thegrommet.com

For the Star Wars obsessee, who lives for the “[insert your kid’s name here], I am your father” jokes.

Shirtoopia I Am Your Father Star Wars Darth Vader Head T-Shirt , $24, Shirtoopia.com

For the dad who not only demands the perfect cup of coffee, but deserves it, get him the best: a Nespresso maker, which zips out the best cups of coffee and espresso at the touch of a button.

Nespresso VertuoLine Single Serve Brewer & Espresso Maker , $290, Macys.com

For the dad who’s (finally!) given up his vinyls in favor of a sick rotation of digital tunes, give him this cool mini-amp speaker. This cool Father’s Day gift is portable, rechargeable and connects to an iPhone in a pinch. And yet, it’s still all retro-cool.

Marshall Kilburn Speaker , $299, Macys.com

Dad may not be in college anymore, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a good round of beer pong! There’s just one little tweak: In lieu of solo cups, we’re using using shot glasses, which means dad can upgrade from cheap beer to the liquor of his choice. (Or stick to cheap beer—we’re not judging!)

Studio Mercantile 24-Piece Mini Wood Beer Pong Game , $40, Macys.com

Because he’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad, and he deserves a mug to match! Plus, the tagline, “It’s Morphin Time!“? If there’s a better explanation for what a cup of steaming hot caffeine does to you, we’ve never heard it.

Power Rangers But First Coffee Morphin Mug, $20, Shop.powerrangers.com

Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For the dads whose favorite bone is their funny bone, funny Father’s Day gifts might be right up your alley. We’ve got funny Father’s Day gift ideas that are a just little tongue-in-cheek and ones that are straight-up LOL-worthy . Or you might just want a funny Father’s Day card to top off another gift—we’ve got you there too.

If you are the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree, this is the funny Father’s Day card for you. (Available in both daughter and son editions—oh, s—t!)

Lukanna Designs Like Father Like Daughter Father’s Day Card , $4, Etsy.com

Looking to playfully dig into a new dad? This “proof that daddy doesn’t always play video games” onesie is everything.

Penguins & Pineapples Funny Baby Bodysuit , $15, Etsy.com

Large fry, small fry? The perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad that fathered a mini-me.

Shirt Candy Father and Baby Shirts , $41 (and up) for the pair, Etsy.com

For the dad who has a way with words—especially insults!—gift him the ultimate diagram of the best of the best, courtesy of William Shakespeare. (Personal fave? “Thou damned and luxurious mountain goat!”)

Uncommon Goods Shakespearean Insults Chart , $25, Uncommongoods.com

And finally, for the dad who can’t resist a good dad joke, his Father’s Day gifts should include the ultimate roundup: The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes. Everything in here will make you laugh—unintentionally, of course.

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because Your Dad Thinks He's Hilarious by Ian Allen, $11, Barnesandnoble.com

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

And now, for unique Father’s Day gift ideas, the unexpected choices that make you go, “Damn, that’s good.” This is an especially good list for those who have been celebrating dad for a while—because, really, how many ties does one man need? (Never enough, but still!) This list includes unique Father’s Day gift ideas for hot sauce enthusiasts, fishing lovers and even soon-to-be fathers of the bride.

For the dad who takes his job as Grill Master very seriously, you can’t pass up these swaggy Grill Master glove mitts, iced out with gold bling.

Celebrate Shop Grill Master Oven Mitt Set , $20, Macys.com

The dad who loves to fish while boozing—because, really, who doesn’t love to fish while boozing?—needs a large fish-shaped flask. And while it’s perfect for the boat, it’s stylish enough to sneak into a party, too.

Kikkerland Large Fish Flask , $35, Macys.com

Does Dad like things hot? He can make his own hot sauce with this cool kit! Kids can help with this one, too, by decorating the labels. (“Dad’s Famous Hot Sauce” with fire emojis, please.)

Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit , $35, Uncommongoods.com

For the dad who loves his baseball, Uncommon Goods prints blueprints of the stadium of your choice—a pretty rad thing to hang in Dad’s den.

Uncommon Goods Baseball Stadium Blueprints , $185, Uncommongoods.com

And one for a special milestone: Before Dad walks you down the aisle, gift him these Father of the Bride cufflinks. They’re perfect for your wedding day, and subtle enough to be worn again.

Cuff-Daddy Father of the Bride Cufflinks With Onyx , $15 (on sale!), Amazon.com

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts ($25 or Less!)

We’re looking at you, teens and college kids! Want to get your dad a cool Father’s Day gift that doesn’t break the bank? Not a problem. From superhero swag to something that will ensure he never loses his glasses again, The Bump has you covered on cheap Father’s Day gift ideas—all $25 or less!

If your father loves a good droid—and just about everything else in the Star Wars universe—then he’ll love these Star Wars headphones with C-3P0-shaped earbuds, which ring in at just $11.

Star Wars Earbuds: C3P0 , $11, Walmart.com

A mug for Dad that features quite possibly his favorite response of all time? (Yep, you guessed it: “Ask your mom.”) The perfect cheap but cheeky Father’s Day gift.

Sparkly Prints Dad Coffee Mug , $17, Etsy.com

Jazz up your dad’s workday by upgrading his usual memo pad to something much cooler: a limited-edition, large-ruled Batman notebook, courtesy of Moleskin.

Moleskin Batman Limited Edition Large Ruled Black Hard Cover, $25, Barnesandnoble.com

Written by Jeff Alworth, a beer expert from the West Coast, where craft beer got its start, The Beer Bible will tell your beer-loving dad everything he’s ever wanted to know about his favorite beverage.

The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth, $14, Barnesandnoble.com

And for a particularly useful gift, especially for the dad (or grandpa!) who always loses his glasses and can never find his keys: the classic, nose-shaped eyeglasses holder. While it’s practical, this cheap Father’s Day gift also doubles as art. And he’ll always know where at least one thing in his life is.

PMK Classic Hand Carved Sheesham Wood Nose-Shaped Eyeglasses Holder , $12, Amazon.com

Father’s Day Gift Baskets

And finally, our favorite Father’s Day gift baskets, which are anything but standard, if we do say so ourselves. We have a Father’s Day gift basket stuffed with ice cream, a cheese basket with a football-shaped sausage and perhaps the best gift on this list: a giant bucket of beer. Because you know what Dad really wants in his Father’s Day gift basket.

We all scream for ice cream—including Dad! This Father’s Day gift basket includes four pints of artisanal ice cream: a sea salt caramel with chocolate-covered pretzels, vanilla bean with cashew brittle, chocolate with chocolate chunks and malted milk with chocolate covered malt balls and caramel. Even sweeter? Each pint is decorated with a different Father’s Day-themed logo (like “Best Dad Ever”).

Harry & David Father’s Day Ice Cream Assortment , $70, Harryanddavid.com

The perfect cheese plate for dad obviously includes a football-shaped summer sausage. There’s also three-seed crackers and two different kinds of cheddar to add to the feast.

Harry & David Football Sausage and Cheese Gift , starting at $30, Harryanddavid.com

Any dad with a Man Cave probably also needs the Man Can, a giant, power tool-inspired can filled with three of The Popcorn Factory’s best-selling popcorn flavors: butter, cheese and caramel. For thoughtful, convenient and delicious snacking.

The Popcorn Factory The Man Can Popcorn Tin , $45, Thepopcornfactory.com

We think most dads would happily say yes to “The Ultimate Gift for Men”: a big bucket of beer. It comes with 12 craft beer bottles, popcorn, a bottle opener and a card for Dad.

The Bro Basket The Ultimate Gift for Men , $90, Thebrobasket.com

Dad’s hosting a Father’s Day BBQ? Tell him to skip the trip to the food store and grill these 12 steak burgers instead. Crafted from 100 percent Black Angus Chuck, these patties look like burgers, but boast all the juicy goodness of steak. Yum.

Stock Yards Steak Burgers , $40 for 12, Harryanddavid.com

PHOTO: Shutterstock