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Date Night: How Many Parents Are Actually Taking One?

One Care.com study sheds some light. Spoiler: You aren't the only one wishing you could spend more alone time with your partner!

Your partner’s important to you, for sure. But are you taking the time to show it? We know better than anyone that there’s not a whole lot of time between baby’s bedtime and your own these days, so romance may be taking a backseat. It seems most other new moms and dads know it too; a 2015 Care.com study says 85 percent of parents wish they could go out on more dates.

How do you stack up? Are you one of the 30 percent of parents who hasn’t been on a date in six months or longer? It might depend where you live. After surveying 1,200 parents, Care.com found some cities are better than others for new moms and dads. Worcester, MA, Oxnard, CA and Bridgeport, CT round out the top three cities with the fewest number of date nights reported. On the other hand, Texas is feeling the love: El Paso, San Antonio and McAllen reported the highest number of dates.

Regardless, there’s good reason to call a sitter when you feel baby is ready to be left in someone else’s care. A whopping 88 percent of parents surveyed said they feel more attracted to their partner after a date. And even though most couples are spending at least two to three hours together a day, 60 percent indicate they wish they spent more time together.

Get out there and start rekindling the flame! (We have some date night ideas if you need a hand). Pro tip: Don’t wait for your partner to plan your big night out; 66 percent of parents wish their significant other would take the initiative to plan more dates.

Is baby making it hard to feel close to your partner? Relationship counseling can really help! Set up an appointment with a local professional or try an app like Lasting, which offers a personalized marriage health program based on your specific concerns, addressing everything from emotional connection to effective communication.

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Updated November 2018

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