4 Ways New Parents Can Strengthen Their Relationship

After baby is born, it's definitely hard for you and your partner to spend time together. Plan time to keep things alive between the two of you.
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August 6, 2020
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Finding alone time (both together and apart) can be tough for new parents. Afer all, you’re dealing with a new physical and emotional experience. It’s important, however, for you both to remain a strong and intact unit for your child and your relationship. Here, some helpful tips to keep the flame alive:

1. Have a Regular Date

If possible, find a regular way to have one-on-one time. Perhaps have a sitter or family member come and watch baby every other week. Sometimes setting the time aside beforehand is easier than trying last-minute to secure childcare and finding someplace to go.

2. Make a Rule

Remember what you both liked to do before you had baby and continue those pursuits as much as possible. If you’re at dinner and feel that baby is taking up too much of the conversation, implement a “no baby talk zone” for an hour. Remember the ways you connected earlier in your relationship and try to strengthen that connection, viewing each other not only as “Mom and Dad” but also as the people you were prior to giving birth.

3. Do an Activity

Do things that create an experience for the two of you, such as taking a class together, reading the same book or even just watching a show together each week.

4. Keep Communication Open

Most importantly, talk to each other and verbalize what you both need. Being open and honest will not only strengthen your bond as partners, but also as parents. If you want to communicate better, consider trying a marriage counseling app like Lasting, which offers easy communication exercises for couples. Updated November 2018

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