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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Breast Milk

All the diaper creams, ointments and lotions available on the shelves can be overwhelming., but did you know there is one thing that can do-it-all?

Breast milk is full of antibodies and is a natural antiseptic (score!).  The benefits of breastfeeding your newborn are undeniable, but feeding a hungry baby is not the only thing your milk is good for!

Here are some incredible (and easy!) ways to use breast milk:

1.  Soothe Baby’s Skin Rashes: To help prevent and heal diaper rash, dab a little milk on to baby’s diaper area.

2.  Help Cradle cap:   Apply some milk to baby’s head before combing or brushing to soften stubborn cradle cap.

3.  Cure Cuts and Scrapes:  Squirt some milk on that paper cut!  Breast milk has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

4.  Ease Teething Pain:   Freeze some milk and use in a mesh feeder for baby to suck on to alleviate teething pain.

And, for the more adventurous types,  try making homemade soap with breastmilk, or how about whipping up some breastmilk cupcakes?

As for me — I don’t think twice about using breast milk on small cuts or skin problems.  I even squirted some into my daughter’s eye when she had a little bit of goo in there!

Have you used breast milk for something besides feeding?

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