Are You Ready for Another Baby?

Debating whether you’re ready to face sleepless nights, smelling like spit-up and the endless sea of diapers again? Find out if you’re on your way to another pregnancy or if you’ve got some waiting time.
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BySarah Yang
Mar 2017
Are You Ready for Another Baby?
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1. How old is baby?
A) Less than a year old
B) 12 to 18 months old
C) 18 months or older
2 .
2. How old are you? (Don’t worry -- we won’t tell anyone!)
A) Under 30
B) Early 30s
C) Late 30s to early 40s
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3. What are your finances like?
A) It’s pretty tight right now -- who knew babies could be so friggin’ expensive? Plus, we’ve got to think about our mortgage and car payments. It’s hard for us to save a lot right now.
B) We’ve been slowly putting away extra money for our retirement, baby’s college tuition and more. We’ve been pretty good with our budget lately.
C) We’re doing really well right now. We’ve been saving money and have been able to budget in a smart way. Plus, we have money to do fun things like go on vacation or buy a new car.
4 .
4. Is your relationship with your partner still going strong?
A) Who? We barely get to see each other because we’re always busy -- with work, baby and errands.
B) We’re getting used to juggling family life and couple life. We’ve made time for a few date nights here and there.
C) Not to brag or anything, but our relationship is as strong as it was prebaby. We’ve got a routine down, make time for each other and have a babysitter on speed dial when we’re planning our weekly date nights.
5 .
5. Do you both want another baby?
A) One of us is more enthusiastic about adding to our family than the other is. It leads to some awkward discussions....
B) I think we’ve both finally decided that we do want another child; we’re just not sure if now’s the right time.
C) I’m dreaming of names, and my partner is making nursery sketches. We’ve been talking about the possibility a lot.
6 .
6. When you try to talk to your first child about another sibling, how does he react?
A) With a tantrum of epic proportions. Let’s just say he’s a little jealous, and the baby isn’t even here yet!
B) We think he’s warming up to the idea of being a big brother. He’s getting excited about the possibility of being an older sibling.
C) Are you kidding? He’s the one who was begging us for a little brother or sister in the first place!
7 .
7. What do you do when you see your friends with their newborns?
A) I think, Phew, I’m glad we’re past that stage and I can get some sleep now!
B) I love holding their babies, but I’m more than happy to give them back when they get colicky.
C) I get so jealous -- I’m so nostalgic for when my kids were that little!
Please answer all questions first.
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