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Best Baby Laughs Ever

What’s cracking these babies up?

“Hey Mom, I just peed in the tub! Haha!”

Submitted by Hannah J.

Photo: Hannah J. / The Bump

With this baby’s adorable squinty eyes and dimples, the shirt says it all — he’s a handsome one!

_Submitted by Crystal M. _

Photo: Crystal M. / The Bump

How wide can this baby open his mouth? We’re impressed.

Submitted by Rachel M.

Photo: Rachel M. / The Bump

Like father, like son?

Submitted by Johnathan D.

Photo: Johnathan D. / The Bump

This baby’s just cheesin’.

Submitted by Porsha I.

Photo: Porsha L. / The Bump

Taking LOL to the next level.

_Submitted by Michelle S. _

Photo: Michelle S. / The Bump

This baby’s mischievous face says it all: “You can’t catch me, Dad!”

Submitted by Jill

Photo: Jill / The Bump

This little guy’s tuft of hair — priceless.

_Submitted by Jamie L. _

Photo: Jamie L. / The Bump

In a laundry basket — this baby’s caught in the act!

_Submitted by Keliane H. _

Photo: Keliane / The Bump

We don’t know if this tot is mid-laugh or mid-yell.

Submitted by Renee B.

Photo: Renee B. / The Bump
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