Best Bassinet: HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Luxe Plus

A way to keep baby within reach as you sleep? Here’s the safe way to do it.
ByThe Bump Editors
March 2, 2017
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You want to be able to quickly soothe your crying baby in the middle of the night, and if you can do that without getting up from bed, even better. Especially handy for moms who’ve had a c-section, this bassinet hovers right over your bedside and features mesh see-through walls and a collapsible side wall for easy access.


  • Wheels swivel, allowing the bassinet to go in any direction and move away from bed easily, so you can get out easily
  • Hovers over the edge of the bed so you can have baby close. And the height adjustment means it fits most beds
  • Does baby need a relaxing pre-bedtime routine? The Soothing Center includes three lullabies, three soothing sounds, vibrations and a night light. Oh, and a nursing timer to help you stick to a feeding schedule


If you’re leaning towards co-sleeping, this is the safe choice. And the tricked-out Luxe Plus model makes it a welcome alternative.

Price: $300


This bassinet is definitely more than meets the eye. It easily converts to a changer, saving you coveted nursery space. Plus, a built-in two-speed vibration can help soothe baby.

Price: $150

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