Best Cloth Diaper: Kanga Care Rumparooz

Never thought you’d be cloth diaper parent? Meet the brand that might just change your mind.
ByThe Bump Editors
Mar 2017
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Photo: Kanga Care

The reasons for choosing cloth diapering differ for different parents: Some are eco-conscious; others are looking at the long-term savings of reuse and recycle. Either way, the goal is the same: finding one that’s truly leak-free and easy to (really!) clean. Kanga Care gets a thumbs up on both fronts.


  • Adjustable Rumparooz are one size fits all (starting from six pounds), so they’ll last you until those glorious potty-trained days
  • Dual inner gussets—a diaper innovation pioneered by Kanga Care—means there’s not a chance of leaks
  • Choose from 16 cool prints—moms went crazy for the new tokidoki designs released this fall
  • No need for bleach or special stain treatment. Just remove as much solid waste as possible and toss the diapers in a hot wash cycle with your regular detergent


If you’re committed to cloth, we like one that can both contain soil and withstand heavy-duty washing like Rumparooz.

Price: $26

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