12 Best Swim Diapers You (and Everyone Else) Will Appreciate

Because no one wants a pool full of poo.
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By Emily Platt, Associate Editor
Updated August 6, 2020
baby wearing a floatie and sunglasses in the swimming pool.
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Diapers are made to absorb—that’s how they do their job! But that’s also why regular nappies won’t do when it comes time to hit the beach or pool. Put one in water, watch it expand and suddenly you’re faced with a major baby bubble butt! (Or just a soggy sack that won’t hold anything in.) Swim diapers, on the other hand, won’t inflate when they touch H20. They’re specifically designed to be fully submerged and still fit your child properly and comfily. The best baby swim diapers keep solid waste secure so you aren’t faced with an embarrassing mess. The only caveat? Most won’t contain pee (or anything else liquidy—beware). So once baby’s back on land, be sure to switch into a normal diaper again. Note that newborn swim diapers aren’t really a thing, either, since newborn poop is typically more watery.

Ready to shop? There are reusable swim diapers and disposable swim diapers on the market, so no matter which style you prefer, you’ve got protection. Here, we’re sharing our favorites in both categories.

Best Reusable Swim Diapers

Cut down on waste—well, at least one kind—with reusable swim diapers you can wash for baby to wear again and again. The following cloth swim diapers are cute and functional.

Image: Courtesy i play.

i play. Baby Snap Reusable Absorbent Swimsuit Diaper

These beach and pool swim diapers get rave reviews and come in dozens of adorable prints. Better yet, they’ve got a patented three-layer design: an absorbent inner layer to protect against leaks outside the pool, a wicking liner to help avoid diaper rashes and a waterproof outer layer to keep mid-swim messes fully contained.

Buy it: Starting from $11,

Image: Courtesy Beau & Belle Littles

Beau & Belle Littles Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper

Scattered snaps let you adjust these cloth swim diapers to find the perfect (read: leak-proof) fit. The patterns are also totally aw-worthy.

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Buy it: $16,

Image: Courtesy ALVABABY

ALVABABY Baby Swim Diapers

The cute prints never cease! These adjustable, reusable swim diapers are designed to fit babies 0 and up, so technically they work as newborn swim diapers. But remember, they’ll only hold solid waste.

Buy it: Starting from $10 for a set of 2,

Image: Courtesy Splash About

Splash About New Happy Nappy Swim Diaper

On the hunt for extra coverage from your baby swim diapers? Check out these reusable nappies that look more like pants. The clingy, extended leg holes make leaks even less likely. And of course, they come in playful designs.

Buy it: $15,

Image: Courtesy SunBusters

SunBusters Reusable Swim Diaper

Baby’s skin is sensitive, which is why these multipurpose swim diapers come in clutch. Pair the reusable swim diapers, which are rated UPF 50+, with your favorite baby sunscreen for double the protection.

Buy it: $11,

Image: Courtesy City Threads

City Threads Reusable Swim Diaper and Diaper Cover

These snug swim diapers are made right here in the USA. And if it ups the appeal, know that celebrity parents love dressing their kids in this trendy brand.

Buy it: Starting from $20,

Image: Courtesy FINIS

FINIS Swim Diaper

Raising a little athlete? This brand dresses professional swimmers, so you know their line of pool diapers means business.

Buy it: Starting from $4,

Image: Courtesy Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana Reusable Swim Diaper

These double-duty swim diapers also have an absorbent layer in addition to the waterproof layer. The waist is adjustable to help them stay on, the legs are soft for baby’s comfort and the fabric is conveniently machine-washable.

Buy it: $13,

Best Disposable Swim Diapers

If you can’t be bothered with reusable swim diapers, these disposable swim diapers should do the trick. They’re perfect for tossing in the rec center’s trash bin as you leave the pool.

Image: Courtesy Pampers

Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers Disposable Swim Pants

The beloved diaper brand makes one of the best swim diaper styles too. These disposables boast leak barriers, ultra-stretchy waistbands and easily tearable sides for efficient changing.

Buy it: $18 for 2 packs of 20,

Image: Courtesy Huggies

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers

These disposable swim diapers, by another go-to diaper brand, come in kid-friendly Disney prints. Their excellent reviews really say it all—no wonder they’re best-sellers.

Buy it: Starting from $22 for 2 packs of 20,

Image: Courtesy Babyganics

Babyganics Swim Pants

Did you ever think you’d see baby swim diapers described as “cool?” These ones truly are! They’re decorated with “sun-sensing scenery” that changes colors when baby’s exposed to UV rays so you know when it’s time for some shade. Even better, they offer UPF 50+ sun protection.

Buy it: $27 for 2 packs of 12,

Image: Courtesy Little Toes on the Go

Little Toes on the Go Poop Happens Swimmy Style Diaper Changing Set

It never hurts to have a backup, so say hello to what could be the best swim diaper changing set out there. It comes with one disposable nappy plus baby sunscreen, diaper cream, baby wipes, hand wipes and a one-use changing pad. Have a few on hand whenever you’re waterside and you’ll never have to panic about being prepared.

Buy it: $18 for 1 changing set, Published April 2019

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