12 Cute Infant Swimsuits for a Splashing Good Time

Your little one will look cute and stay protected in these adorable swimsuits.
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May 16, 2022
best infant and baby swimsuits for summer 2022
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When it comes to prepping for fun in the sun with your little one, the list of essentials ranges from the functional (sun screen, sun hats, swim diapers, and more) to the fashionable (two words: baby sunglasses). But one item that crosses both categories? Infant swimsuits. Not only is baby swimwear adorable, it is also designed to help protect sensitive infant skin from the elements. And while your itty-bitty might not be hitting the pool just yet, baby swimwear is still useful during those younger months too (think beach visits, water play, and the like).

Whether you’re planning a beach vacation or just stocking up on warm weather essentials, there’s no shortage of baby swimsuits to choose from. Here, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about these bitty bikinis and briefs—from the different types to our favorite brands and top picks.

Types of Infant Swimsuits

Infant swimsuits aren’t one size fits all. Here is a look at all of the different types of swimwear for your little ones.

  • Baby rash guards: Not just for surfing, baby rash guards are a top that can be worn with briefs or over one and two-piece swimsuits. Typically long sleeve, baby rash guards help offer extra protection from the sun, sand and water temperatures.
  • Full-coverage baby swimsuits: Since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends not using sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months, parents need other methods for protecting infant skin from the sun. Enter full-coverage baby swimsuits, which are one-pieces with both long sleeves and long pants that leave only the hands, feet and head exposed.
  • One-piece baby swimsuits: One-piece swimsuits can be long-sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless—but typically leave the legs fully exposed.
  • Two-piece baby swimsuits: Bikinis, tankinis and rash guard/swim trunk combos all fall into the two piece category.
  • Baby swim trunks: Baby swim trunks are shorts-style swimwear. They come in both board short (looser fit) and brief (tighter and shorter) styles.

How to Pick the Best Infant Swimsuit for Your Baby

Not sure which type of baby swimsuit will work best for your little one? Here are some things to consider.

  • Fit and sizing: Baby swimwear is supposed to be snug: You want it to be tight enough to avoid uncomfortable bunching and exposing skin to the sun’s rays, but not so tight that it irritates your little one’s skin. Also, swimwear sizing can be different from other infant clothes, so it’s important to try on to ensure a proper fit.
  • Fabric: The swimsuit’s fabric can help offer additional protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Fabrics like polyester and nylon offer more sun protection than natural fibers, and darker fabrics tend to offer more UV protection than lighter ones. Fabric with a UPF50+ rating protects against 98 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Features: Some useful features to keep an eye out for: Zippers make swimwear much easier to put on and take off (especially when wet), hoods offer extra sun protection, and some baby swimsuits even come with built-in swim diapers.

Best Infant Swimsuit Brands to Shop

As with all things baby gear, there are certain brands that do it better than the rest. For quality infant swimsuits that are cute to boot, check out these top places to shop.

  • Tea Collection: Consider Tea Collection your one-stop swimwear shop. The brand has every type of baby swimwear (including coordinating sun hats), and Tea Collection offers big kid and adult sizing for a matching family swim moment. All of the brand’s swimwear offers UPF 40 protection from the sun, and come in a ton of colorful prints and designs. Bonus: The brand donates 10 percent of all of its profits to organizations that benefit children worldwide.
  • Janie and Jack: This timeless brand offers high quality baby swimwear—including one-pieces, two-pieces, rash guards, swim shorts and accessories—in classic designs, making them perfect for passing down from child to child. Extended sizing (up to size 18 in some designs) allows for matching moments with older siblings, and their new Recycled Swim line offers suits made from sustainable fabrics (including one made from recycled plastic bottles). We also appreciate the UPF50+ sun protection found in most of their designs.
  • Boden: Vibrant colors and cheerful prints make Boden’s baby swimwear one of our favorites, but the brand focuses on function as well as fashion. All of their baby swim trunks come as a set with a long-sleeve rash guard; their full-coverage swimsuits feature a zipper for easy on-and-off and their baby cover-ups double as a towel to help dry off. Boden also offers adult and child sizing, making it a great place to shop for family swimsuits.
  • Hanna Andersson: Long-lasting, sun-blocking, fast-drying swimwear for the whole family? Sold. Hanna Andersson offers everything from tiny two-pieces to full-coverage one-pieces and everything in between—all with fun designs. Little ones will also love the brand’s character swimwear, featuring favorites like Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse, and Star Wars.
  • Spearmint Love: If neutrals, boho prints and fashion-forward designs are more your vibe, look no further than Spearmint Love. With dozens of stylish offerings from brands like Rylee & Cru, Shade Critters, Gerber Childrenswear and more, Spearmint Love makes it easy to find an adorable suit for your little one—without sacrificing on important factors like sun protection and comfort.
  • Nordstrom: Not only is Nordstrom a great retailer for all things baby swim-related (thanks to top-quality brands such as RuffleButts, Little Me, Shade Critters, Green Sprouts and more), it’s also ideal for the time-strapped parent who is looking for one place to shop for all the things. Whether it’s swimwear for Mom and Dad, fresh beach towels or vacation footwear, the department store takes care of the whole family with one stop.
  • Old Navy: When it comes to baby swimwear that’s both affordable and adorable, Old Navy reigns supreme. The retailer offers tons of stylish options at budget-friendly prices (some as low as $7!), and many of their infant swimsuits come with parent-approved features such as snaps at the crotch for easy diaper changes and UPF protection fabric.

Even among these seven top brands, there are still hundreds of baby swimsuits to choose from. We’ve narrowed it down even further, selecting our favorites across every category, from bikinis to full bodysuits.

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Our Favorite Baby Girl Swimsuits

Ready to lounge poolside with your bathing beauty? Here are our favorite baby girl swimsuits to choose from.

Image: Old Navy

Best Newborn Swimsuit: Old Navy Printed Long-Sleeve Zip Front Rash Guard for Baby

We love this newborn swimsuit for lots of reasons. Long sleeves help protect baby’s sensitive skin from the sun, especially since sunscreen is a no-go right away. The zip-front comes all the way down to the belly, making it super easy to put on and pull off your wiggly little one. The bottom also features snap enclosures, providing easy access for diaper changes. And the swimsuit comes in size 0 to 3 months, fitting newborns as small as 7 pounds. Add adorable features like a ruffle bottom and fun prints, and what’s not to love?

Buy It: $11.50,

Image: Nordstrom

Best Baby Rash Guard Set: Green Sprouts Sun Hat, Long-Sleeve Rash Guard and Reusable Swim Diaper Set

This set from Green Sprouts at Nordstrom has everything you could want out of a baby swimsuit: A long sleeve rash guard top, side-snap reusable swim diaper for bottoms and a oversized sun hat with a tie chin strap to keep it secure (all with UPF 50+ sun protection). Plus, reusable swim diaper bottoms are more eco-friendly than disposable ones, and feature three-layers of waterproof protection.

Buy it: $50,

Image: Janie & Jack

Best Baby Bikini: Janie and Jack Floral Bow Recycled Two-Piece Swimsuit

Ruffles, bows, cap sleeves and a floral print—what more could you want out of a baby girl’s bikini? Add in the facts that this Janie and Jack bikini is made of a sustainable fabric that comes from recycled plastic bottles, features UPF50+ sun protection and offers protection against chlorine, and this teeny-weeny bikini is a no-brainer.

Buy it: $44,

Image: Hanna Andersson

Best One-Piece Baby Swimsuit: Hanna Andersson Baby Recycled Fashion One-Piece Swimsuit

We’ll be honest: The cuteness factor of this swimsuit is just too much to resist. But beyond just looking adorable, this one-piece baby swimsuit is made from sustainable fabrics, dries fast to prevent irritation and protects from up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

Buy it: $34,

Image: Coolibar

Best Full Coverage Baby Swimsuit: Coolibar Baby Finn Hooded One-Piece Swimsuit

When Coolibar says full coverage, they mean full coverage. Their hooded one-piece suit keeps your little one covered from head (thanks to a built-in hood) to toe (courtesy of long sleeves and pants). The fabric also has UPF50+ sun protection that’s guaranteed to not weaken with washing, to act as a double defense against the sun’s rays. Other features we love: Its chlorine and saltwater resistant Aqua Juno fabric, snap-close bottom for diaper changes and zipper-front closure for easy on and off.

Buy it: $44,

Image: Nordstrom

Best Swimsuit with UV Protection: RuffleButts Seersucker One-Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit and Hat Set

This RuffleButts suit from Nordstrom features UPF50+ sun protection—the highest level available, meaning it protects against 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, it also features long-sleeves and a coordinating hat for extra coverage. Other useful features include a zipper in the back (easy-on, easy-off), snaps between the legs (hello, diaper changes) and a sweet seersucker and polka-dot pattern.

Buy it: $49,

Our Favorite Baby Boy Swimsuits

There are just as many cute swim options for baby boys. Here, a look at our favorites.

Image: Janie & Jack

Best Newborn Swimsuit: Janie & Jack Baby Americana Dog Rash Guard

A one-piece zip-up is key for newborns when it comes to swimwear: It makes for easy diaper changes and quick outfit changes, and removes the need to wriggle anything over their heads when dressing. This Janie & Jack rash guard also provides longer sleeves for extra coverage from the sun, UPF50+ fabric and it comes in 0 to 3 month sizing for babies as small as 8 pounds. Plus, it features an adorable puppy print to make your heart melt.

Buy it: $49,

Image: SwimZip

Best Baby Rash Guard Set: SwimZip Boys Long Sleeve Rash Guard and Swim Trunk Set

When it comes to rash guards, anything with a full zipper gets top votes from us. (Have you ever tried peeling a wet, tight rash guard over a toddler’s head?) This SwimZip set fits the bill with a full-length zipper—but also a zipper garage to protect little chins from chafing and a guard to prevent any rubbing against the skin. Parents will also appreciate the UPF50+ fabric (that’s also quick-drying and chlorine resistant) and elastic waistband with a functional drawstring for flexible sizing.

Buy it: $30,

Image: SpearmintLove

Best Baby Swim Trunks: Rylee & Cru Swim Trunks

Your little guy will be the envy of the baby pool in these Rylee & Cru swim trunks, thanks to chic neutral patterns and a vintage cut fit. The elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring ensure a snug fit around the waist, and the soft inner mesh liner helps keep the diaper secure. Plus, the prints are so cute these swim trunks can basically double as stylish shorts.

Buy it: $48,

Image: Tea Collection

Best One-Piece Baby Swimsuit: Tea Collection Rash Guard Baby Swimsuit

This one-piece combo from Tea Collection is perfect for little boys on the go. The long sleeves keep bare arms covered, even when you’re not in a shady spot, but the shorts allow for little legs to kick and crawl around with ease. The zipper extends all the way down to the crotch, making putting it on and off a breeze (especially when wet), and it has an interior guard to prevent snagging baby’s skin. Six fun prints and UPF40 protection are the cherries on top of this sweet one-piece suit.

Buy it: $48,

Image: UVSkinz

Best Full Coverage Baby Swimsuit: UVSkinz Baby Boys Sun and Swim Suit

Keep your little guy covered from head to toe with this adorable full-length swimsuit from UVSkinz. The one-piece rash guard and pants combo keeps arms and legs totally covered—and features UPF50+ sun protection, the highest level a fabric can offer, to help repel the sun’s damaging UV rays. The zipper also runs from the neck to the ankle to make diaper changes a breeze, while the mock-neck collar offers extra coverage. Oh, and did we mention it’s machine-washable?

Buy it: $45,

Image: Hanna Andersson

Best Swimsuit with UV Protection: Hanna Andersson Baby Recycled Rash Guard and Swim Shorts Set

A swimsuit that can block 97 percent of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays sounds like the stuff of superheroes. But with this Hanna Andersson swimsuit, it’s a reality, thanks to its built in UV protection. Add in long sleeves and tight-fitting brief shorts (a close fit means no gaping, which can potentially expose more skin) for even more sun protection, and you won’t have to worry about constantly keeping your little one in the shade with this swimsuit. The fun prints made from recycled fabric are a delightful bonus with this set.

Buy it: $30,

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