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Q&A: What Can I Do to Pass the Time?

I'm so bored when I pump. What can I do?

Well, if you purchase a hands-free pumping top (like this one from SimpleWishes.com), you’ll have both hands free to do other stuff. Here are some suggestions:

Read a book or magazine

Make a phone call

Upload photos

Update your baby book

Crochet a scarf

Play with baby

Eat dinner (or lunch or a snack)

Chat with other moms in our forums

There are even some super-portable hands-free pumps on the market now, like the Medela Freestyle. This one is tiny and hooks to your belt, so you have both hands free and can walk around chasing babies, cleaning the house, or whatever you want. (But even if you do go hands-free, don’t be afraid to use pumping as an excuse for a few minutes of “me time” — you deserve it.)

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