Bumpie Tip of the Week: Buying Clothes and Diapers For Baby

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Updated March 2, 2017
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Yikes… you’ve got the gear, but what about the clothes and ALL those diapers? Where do you even START figuring out sizes?! Take some advice from new moms, they’re facing the challenge head on and you can benefit from their experience. Bumpies on the Babies 0-3 Months board share their thoughts here:

“My son never fit in newborn diapers because he was too big and newborn clothes fit for about 2 weeks! We went through a lot of 0-3 months.” -nicb*

“I wouldn’t stock up or buy ahead on much of anything.  You have to get to know your baby’s shape and rate of growth before you’ll have much of an idea of what size he or she will wear at a time.  Some people say babies don’t need newborn wear but both of mine wore NB for 6+ weeks and 0-3 would have been a disaster.  Some babies are bigger and NB would be a waste.  Buy a few things in each size and then get more later. Diapers are hit or miss.  Not all babies can wear all brands and even though people will say you can return/exchange diapers, believe me, with a newborn, the last thing you want to be doing is hauling around to stores and waiting in return lines.” -elmoa

“I would buy a few outfits and diapers in every size because you never know what to expect. our ob told us to expect a bigger baby and she was born weighing 5lbs 4 oz and we had no clothes for her my mom and mil had to rush out and buy her preemie clothes. Don’t buy a whole bunch of one size because babies go through growth spurts and can change sizes really fast for example my tiny daughter now weighs 13 pounds at 3 months, she basically went from preemie to 0-3 months. every baby is different.” -ars1218

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“DD1 was in NB diapers for a month+ and NB clothes for three months. DD2 will be 3 weeks tomorrow and still in NB clothes and diapers.” -bhurstbride

“I would buy a couple things in newborn, 0-3 and 3-6 sizes. I was told not to buy any newborn clothes until a growth scan at 38 weeks when the doctor said DD would be between 5 and 6lbs. She was born at almost 8lbs, but still fit in newborn clothes for about a month. Same for diapers. She’s 8 weeks tomorrow and has grown out of 0-3 month clothes in length, so anything with feet is too small.” -pantsarella

“I wouldn’t invest in too much of any size b/c you have no idea what sizes their going to end being. I bought/ received winter clothes in size 6m and now worry that he won’t be fitting in them until spring. But, then again, he could end up catching up!” -lilmissall

“I would get a few newborn things and then wait and see how big LO is born.  I only got a few newborn pieces and then definitely needed more because even the NB clothes ended up being a little baggy on my guy, so he was definitely not ready for 0-3.” -millie189

“My son was born at 6 lbs 11 oz and wore newborn diapers for about 2 weeks. He wore 0-3 month onsies for about 2 months. He’s now 13 lbs and is in 3-6 month clothing and size 1 diapers. We are switching to size 2 soon!” -lavillar06

“I agree with the wait and see. Baby was 2 lbs smaller than predicted. I had no NB, and mil had to go shopping to get some staples. She outgrew in about 3-4 weeks - about the same time NB diapers didn’t work anymore. . At 2 months, she is outgrowing 0-3 and just transitioned to size 2 diapers.” -casey78

Tell us: How are you buying clothing and diapers for baby-to-be?

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