Bumpie Tip of the Week: Moms Share the Best Ways to Get Baby to Bond With Daddy

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March 2, 2017
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Nothing is cuter than a daddy melting into a pile of mush while holding his newborn. But wait— baby doesn’t want to bond with daddy?! GASP. Have no fear! Bumpies on the Babies 0-3 Months board share their tips to get daddy-baby bonding going (so you can swoon over his cuteness all over again!):

“Just keep letting him hold her. The newborn stuff is really hard so he should try to not take it personally. Babies can smell mom and they have a natural bond to us so it is a little harder for dads at first but she will come around.” — Nicb13*

“Lots of skin-to-skin with dad!” — jayro10

“Wear one of his shirts so he will smell like you.” — botanicalbliss

“If he gets annoyed that holding her isn’t working remind him that babies pick up on stress which could be making her restless when he’s around.” — 2012mum

“Maybe suggest he take care of her for an hour while you go and have time to yourself? Even if it’s just being in another room while you take a bath. This way he can find out how to soothe her without you around. He might feel like you’re judging the way he takes care of her.” — Ciahanna

“My hubby does everything but feed her from the second he gets home. When we do bath time, he cuddles with her after and gets her into her PJs. When she wakes in the middle of the night, he gets her, changes her and calms her before she is fed. It is working great for them.” — jdandrea

“Lots of skin to skin… and definitely leave the room so he has time to relax and learn how to calm baby without you staring at him (not that you do, he just may feel that way). I went out with my mother for an hour and my partner had baby by himself. He sat in my rocker, did skin-to-skin with a soft blanket over both of them and talked softly to him until he calmed down. Now, he can calm babydown faster than me sometimes!” — MrsArrow

*Some names have been changed.

Tell Us: How did you get baby bonding with daddy?

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