6 Ways to Celebrate Your Mom Tribe This Mother’s Day

Because mothering is hard work, and you all deserve some props.
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By Ashlee Neuman, Content Director
Updated May 6, 2019
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Mother’s Day is your day. It’s your time to bask in all the love and appreciation your family is (hopefully) raining down on you, because you seriously deserve it. Mothering is hard work, and no one knows it more than you—and your fellow mom friends. Not only do the ladies in your mom tribe have their own little ones to look after, but they also help look after you, whether it’s lending an ear, a bit of advice or a diaper for your baby when you need it most. Take a minute this Mother’s Day to celebrate and honor your mom BFF for all that she does. Not sure how? Here are six ideas to get you started.

1. Acknowledge Her

Moms do so much stuff that goes unacknowledged, and sometimes all we need is for someone to pipe up and say, “I see you.” Tell your mom friend how much you admire her for the way she does something, whether it’s whipping up weeks’ worth of baby food on Sunday nights or handling her tantruming 2-year-old with patience and grace. Or, compliment her kids. After all, there’s no better reflection of her amazing mothering skills than her sweet children. Head over to Paperless Post and jot down some praise—you can pick out an e-card that’s free to customize and send it out same-day.

2. Encourage Her

There are days when we feel like failures and days when we feel like we’re keeping our heads above water. But the best days are when we feel like total rockstars. Whether you give her a call, send her a card or shoot her a text, offer your mom friend some encouragement this Mother’s Day. However she’s doing it, she’s rocking HER style of motherhood—let her know she’ll killing it, and you’re here to help cheer her on.

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3. Pamper Her

After spending her days looking after everybody else, Mom is definitely due for some pampering. What does your friend love but never make time for? Maybe the ideal treat is bringing over some homemade risotto and a bottle of wine, or giving her a gift card to her favorite spa. Whatever it is, make the mamas in your life feel like someone is taking care of them for a change.

4. Show Your Thanks

When you’re in desperate need of a parenting hack, or need to know if your child is the only one who does that weird thing, who you gonna call? Mom friends! Chances are, they’re ready to share some brilliant tips, hilarious stories and your need to rehash the latest crazy/cute thing your kiddo did, all without judgement. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom tribe how thankful you are for their support—and what better way than with some flowers? One of our favorite blossom delivery services is Petalfox, which styles and ships gorgeous seasonal bouquets to both coasts.

5. Get Together

If your Mother’s Day schedules allow (and you feel comfortable given covid), nothing beats an in-person hug and a face-to-face chat over a cup of tea (or a tumbler of scotch). Grab brunch together with your families, head out for drinks just you gals or swing by her place once the kids are in bed for a quick catch-up. Because being around the ones we love brings us joy.

6. Offer Her Alone Time

There are plenty of Mother’s Day gifts that’ll have your mom friend swooning, but the ultimate present for any mama is the chance to enjoy some “me” time. If you can swing it (and everyone’s comfortable), pick a day and offer to watch your girl’s kids for a couple hours while she goes off and does her thing. Your little ones get a playdate, and your friend gets to relax, recharge and return feeling refreshed—win-win. And who knows, maybe she’ll reciprocate the gesture.

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