All the Reasons Why Your Mom Friends Are the Best Friends

Shoutout to your mom tribe for getting you through the craziness that is motherhood.
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ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Jan 2019
two friends laughing and enjoying coffee
Photo: Crytsal Marie Sing

Every friend plays an important part in your life, but there’s no bond quite as special as the connection you make with your fellow mom BFF. It’s someone for you to laugh and learn with, and most importantly, a confidant for you to air your deepest, darkest mom confessions to. Put simply, mom friends just get each other.

Blogger Casey Huff hits the nail on the head when she shares the many reasons why “a mom friend is the best kind of friend” in a recent Facebook post on her blog, Etched in Home with Casey Huff.

Where to begin? Well for starters:

“She Doesn’t Mom Shame You”

Parents can’t go for a stroll down the block without facing some type of criticism, but knowing you’re go-to gal will never judge how you choose to parent makes having her in your life so important. It’s easy to second guess every decision you make regarding your kids, but moms are the best cheerleaders for each other.

“You Have Someone to Vent to”

When your kids push you to your limit and you are in need of some serious venting, she’s just the lady you turn to. Chances are, she’ll chew off your ear with her own parenting tribulations too.

“She Won’t Get Her Feelings Hurt When You Cancel”

You and your mom bestie are constantly playing phone tag with each other, and yet there are never any hard feelings. “She knows that an unanswered message isn’t an indication of love lost, but just an indication of how dang busy you are,” Huff explains. And when a sick kid, schedule conflict or simply an exhausting day makes you take a rain check on your coffee date, your mom friend will totally understand.

“She’ll Tell it Like it is”

Moms don’t have time to beat around the bush. So when you’re in need of honest advice, she’s who you turn to first. Mom friends are always ready to serve you with a reality check when needed.

“You Don’t Have to Dress to Impress”

Your regular get-togethers have a strict dress code: No jeans; only stretchy pants.

“You Have Someone to Confide in”

Mothers are never alone, yet it can still get pretty darn lonely. When you’re going through something and need someone to talk to, she’s waiting for you with open arms.

You Have Someone to Celebrate With

No milestone is too big or too small. Whether it’s a mommy first for you or your little one, your mom friends are not only there to cheer you on, but they’ll be ready with their phones in hand to document the whole thing for you.

“She’s Loyal”

As Huff points out, whether it has been days, weeks or even months since you last spoke or saw each other, she’s always there to catch you when you fall.

Mom friends make the whole parenting thing way easier. For some, it’s not always easy to find their sisterhood of support. Here’s how to make mom friends to help you throughout your motherhood journey.

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