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Adoption Expert: Dawn Davenport

Dawn Davenport is a writer, attorney, researcher, radio host and speaker specializing in adoption and infertility. Her book (The Complete Book of International Adoption: A Step by Step Guide to Finding Your Child), website (, and Internet radio show (Creating a Family: Talk About Infertility and Adoption) help families through infertility and adoption. And, perhaps most important, she is a mom of four by birth and adoption and cares passionately about the issue.

*Dawn Davenport's Advice

Adopting From an Orphanage
Adopting Without Citizenship
Agencies That Send Few to US
International Adoption
Different Ways to Adopt
Domestic vs. International Adoption  
Finding a Birth Mother
Foster Care Adoption 
Partner Unsure About Adoption 
Prepared for Home Study?
Pursue Adoption and IVF?  
Safe to Change Agencies?
Special Needs Adoption?
Switching Agencies for Shorter Wait

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