Bumpie Tip of the Week: Diaper Bags For Daddies?

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January 30, 2017
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It’s time to register for baby! Don’t you just love that bright pink, sparkly, flowery diaper bag? We do too! But, er, daddy might not. So, how do you decide between a bag you LOVE and a bag that you can both use? Do you go for one mutually agreed upon bag or one for each of you (OMG! I can have the sparkles?!)? Our Bumpies on the September 2013 Birth Month Board shared their thoughts on man bags.

“We almost got my husband his own (actually put it on the registry), but we ended up with one. It’s girly (it’s a Petunia Picklebottom), but he has no problem using it when needed.  t would be so much work to have two, I think. I keep an emergency diaper/wipe kit in each of our cars, but otherwise, we just use the one diaper bag.” — a2003tige*

“We registered for two and each picked out one. That said, the plan is to have one be the primary one and keep the other stashed in the car so we always have one.” — foxyroxy

“I saw an amazing “dad bag” at Burlington that we plan to register for him for. It’s made by fisher price and is actually a diaper back pack, it has a special slot for immediate diaper wipe access, it’s so cool!” -- LilPez

“We always two. You don’t want him to feel awkward if yours is frilly.” — luminousb

“We just have one. Mine is very girlie. My husband doesn’t really care. If he and our son are gong to go someplace for a long time where he would really need to be “carrying” my bag, he puts the stuff into something else. But a lot of times he will just take my bag and leave it in the car.” — RunningGal

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“I would never want to try to keep 2 bags stocked and ready to go and switching stuff back and forth sounds like too much effort. My husband takes our one and only bag when he takes her places. It’s gray and yellow, but it is a more feminine print. He couldn’t care less.” — AshleyPT

“My husband will have a backpack with everything he needs. He would never carry a diaper bag!” — mgerman

“My husband is looking forward to his manbag!! I am going to going to get him one for father’s day this year.” — NicknShan

*Some names have been changed.

You tell us: Will you or do you have a daddy-friendly diaper bag?

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