Exercise Dos and Don'ts During Pregnancy

Can you still stick to your go-to workout routine now that you're pregnant? Learn what gets the thumbs up and the thumbs down.
ByPaula Kashtan
May 16, 2017
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For most women, exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, it’s highly recommended—especially if you’ve already been working out. But now that you’re expecting, there are some activities you should avoid—so clear your routine with your ob-gyn just to be sure. Here are a few basic dos and don’ts:


Dress comfortably
If it’s easier to move around, injuries are less likely.

Drink plenty of water
Hydration is especially important once there’s a baby in your belly.

Warm up and cool down
Since your heart rate is higher during pregnancy, give yourself extra time to return to your normal resting rate after workouts.

Stay in tune
Recognize that your body is changing: Your joints and ligaments are looser, your balance is off, and it’s harder to get up off the floor.


Play contact sports
Getting tackled should not be on your agenda. Also stay away from ones where you risk dangerous falls such as downhill skiing or horseback riding.

Exercise on your back
In your second and third trimesters, avoid lying flat on your back for any length of time—this position can reduce blood flow to your brain and uterus.

Overdo it
Don’t allow yourself to get overtired or overheated.

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