The Perfect Gift for Moms, According to Their Zodiac Sign

Stumped as to what to buy for your mom friend? Look to the heavens for fresh inspiration.
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Updated December 27, 2017
illustrations of different moms with their zodiac symbols and gemstones
Image: Kitkat Pecson
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Sometimes it’s tough to decide on the perfect gift when you know the giftee too well. If you’re privy to every little detail about what a mom likes (and therefore have given those gifts to her already) as well as what she doesn’t like, then birthdays and end-of-year holidays can get pretty tricky. The solution? Bring the big picture back into focus by using her zodiac sign as your gift-giving guide. What you give just may leave her starry-eyed.

Gifts for Capricorn Moms (December 22 – January 19)

What you see is what you get with these up-front, down-to-Earth gals (Earth is their element, after all). They play by the rules, and are known in their mom circles as the reliable, hard-working parent. She’s the one to text if you need someone to organize the preschool teacher’s end-of-year brunch. If you’re lucky enough to have a Capricorn in your life, you know she’s all about gaining people’s trust and respect the old fashioned way—by earning it.

Image: Courtesy Slip

Slip Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask

Since the Capricorn mom goes out of her way for everyone else, she deserves a bit of pampering and R&R for herself. This pillowcase and sleep mask, both made of ultra-smooth mulberry silk, check off both boxes.

Buy it: Slip Silk Pillowcase, $79; Slip Silk Eye Mask, $45,

Image: Courtesy Spa Week

Spa & Wellness Gift Card

If silk pillowcases and eye masks are a bit beyond your budget, opt for a Spa & Wellness gift card in an amount of your choosing. She can relax and pamper herself at spas across the country for a much-deserved break.

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Buy it:

Gifts for Aquarius Moms (January 20 – February 18)

The loose canon in the group (and we mean that in the nicest possible way), Aquarius moms rarely back down or give in. Aquarians thrive on standing out in a crowd and being a bit rebellious. Typically the life of any party, Aquarius girls wouldn’t hesitate to throw her own impromptu bash either.

Image: Courtesy Sephora

Dr. JART+ 7 Day Mask Experiment Kit

If she’s going to stand out in a crowd, you better believe she’ll want her skin looking flawless. Any aquarius mama will appreciate this set of sheet masks, designed to leave her skin smooth and fully hydrated.

Buy it: $39,

Image: Courtesy The Holistic Home

The Holistic Home Company Raw Crystal Napkin Rings

Each crystal is one-of-a-kind, just like her. Available in sets of up to 12, these arrive in a handmade birchwood box adorned with a burnished lotus and a personalized message inside the lid.

Buy it: $100 for set of four,

Gifts for Pisces Moms (February 19 – March 20)

The warm and lovely ladies born under this water sign go with their gut and tend to get a little emotional. Genuinely thoughtful and kind, this mom is the one who will be handing out the tissues at kindergarten graduation. They can also be a little forgetful, though—but only because they’re so wrapped up in their feelings that they sometimes lose track of the “mundane” details.

Image: Courtesy Kodak

Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

Armed with this nifty contraption, she’ll have the best time preserving and immediately sharing all those special moments in her life. Waterproof (and therefore tearproof!) images in color or black and white can be printed directly from the camera as well as saved on the included MicroSD card. The camera can shoot while printing, so she won’t miss a single shot.

Buy it: $70,

Image: Courtesy Jo Malone

Jo Malone London Peony Blush Suede Scented Candle

Your Pisces gal will be sweet on these Jo Malone candles that fill the room with soft, elegant scents of blooming peonies (and last for 45 hours). Reviewers rave that this is that rare luxury candle that’s actually worth the luxury price.

Buy it: $67,

Gifts for Aries Moms (March 21 – April 19)

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, and so it’s to be expected that the mommas under this sign are always ready to go to battle for their kids, friends and family. Usually outspoken (and well spoken), Aries women prepare themselves for any situation. More than any other sign, they’re doers, not just talkers.

Gifts for Aries moms

Image: Courtesy Precidio Design

Kafé in the Box

Fuel her for the fight with this square coffee and tea traveler with a spill- and splash-proof dishwasher-safe design. It has double walls to keep her beverage hot (or cold) all morning long.

Buy it: $18,

Image: Courtesy Chanel

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color

The perfect gift for hotblooded Aries women? A bottle of bright, bold red nail polish. Chanel offers a long-lasting, high-shine option to keep her feeling fierce any day of the week.

Buy it: $28,

Gifts for Taurus Moms (April 20 – May 20)

The symbol for Taurus is the bull, so it’s no coincidence that Taurus women tend to be on the stubborn side. Yet when you get to know them, you’ll quickly find they are gentle, nurturing and patient. They also like nice things and showing them off—which is just fine for the rest of us, since they usually have impeccable taste.

Image: Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Leather Crossbody Bag

With its removable chain strap and pockets galore, this designer accessory is as functional as it is dazzling. Quilted leather and polished hardware will make it her go-to for an evening out. Eye-catching yet classy, just like her.

Buy it: $195,

Image: Courtesy Blue Nile

Blue Nile Rounded Venetian Bracelet

Nothing will make a Taurus happy quite like a bit of bling. This sterling silver bracelet is a timeless classic, subtle enough for everyday wear but special enough to make mama smile.

Buy it: $120,

Gifts for Gemini Moms (May 21 – June 20)

That mom at the playground who keeps chatting away, long after the kids have fallen asleep in their strollers? And you don’t even mind, because she’s so funny, well-read and smart? Probaby a Gemini. Late-spring ladies tend to make great pals, with their playful spirit and curious mind. Just don’t take their moodiness personally—that’s just their ruling planet, Mercury, surfacing.

Image: Courtesy Art Teca

Art Teca Silk Scarf

As dynamic as her personality, this generously sized silk scarf also works well with her changing moods: She can rock it around her neck or waist, or even tie it around her head, just because she feels like it.

Buy it: $85,

Image: Courtesy POP

POP Diamond Bracelet

Here’s a piece of jewelry that strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern. The cord, which comes in a choice of colors, is adjustable and guaranteed not to break, stretch, or fade.

Buy it: $270,

Gifts for Cancer Moms (June 21 – July 22)

Consider Cancer mothers the original den mothers. They’re generally shy but blossom in the home and in a caretaker role. You can count on them to go out to the drugstore on a cold rainy night if you’re in need of cold medicine. They are also often excellent cooks and eager to pass that skill on to their children.

Image: Courtesy Halluci

Hallucci Women’s Cross Band Fleece Slippers

Being a homebody never looked so cute or felt so good. She’ll appreciate the practicality of the memory foam footbeds and anti-slip outdoor soles, but she’ll love the mind-blowing coziness of these fuzzy fleece slippers.

Buy it: $24,

Image: Courtesy Anthropologie

Anthropologie Old Havana Serving Bowl

Anything she can use in her kitchen is bound to please a Cancer, but this stunning serving bowl will really wow. The stoneware is crafted in Portugal and glazed in a gorgeous mint glaze, but since it’s dishwasher safe, expect this to be put to use just about every day.

Buy it: $78,

Gifts for Leo Moms (July 23 – August 22)

Lioness ladies relish being in the spotlight, and that means they always have to be ready to step in it. That’s why she’s the mom who keeps the carpool waiting because her curling wand isn’t cooperating. But in the end, she’s worth the wait, thanks to her natural warmth, generosity and creativity.

Everyday Calligraphy Good Morning Beautiful Coffee Mug

This complimentary ceramic mug is sure to win her over and get her day started right.

Buy it: $15,

Image: Courtesy Sephora

Sephora Collection Ready to Roll Brush Set

Now your Leo can be ready for her close-up no matter where she is. This set of 10 makeup brushes includes all the essentials to create a polished look, and comes in a brush roll that packs away for easy travel.

Buy it: $70,

Gifts for Virgo Moms (August 23 – September 22)

Your classic Virgo mom probably had trouble adjusting to the mess and unpredictability that describes life with baby—Virgos love things clean and under control after all. But once adjusted, she’s a wonder to behold, keeping the household as organized and pristine as humanly possible. Virgos are also supremely practical and know how to look good without fussing.

Image: Courtesy Paper Source

Papersource Gold Leather Journal

Life can get busy, but Virgos run a tight ship. Help keep her daily thoughts and to-dos organized with this journal, wrapped in gold leather for a little flair.

Buy it: $25,

Image: Courtesy Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Double Cleanse Travel Set

Virgos respond to blackheads as they do dust bunnies: Not well. Turn her cleaning instinct into a pampering ritual with this travel-friendly set. The Sea Mud Cleansing Bar draws out gunk without stripping skin, and the cleansing oil finishes the job.

Buy it: $33,

Gifts for Libra Moms (September 23 – October 22)

True to their symbol, the scales, Libras try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and surely came up with the saying: “There are two sides to every story.” They truly appreciate and try to return any small favor. Devoted fans of stylish decor, they want their kids to grow up in a beautiful environment and their guests to enjoy being in their homes.

Image: Courtesy Global Views

Global Views Milos Matte Vase

If anyone bothers to keep fresh flowers at home it would be a Libra—and she’ll love displaying them in this gorgeous ceramic vase. She’ll certainly notice—and appreciate—the sleek, angled silhouette and unique pleated surface.

Buy it: $75,

Image: Courtesy Nest

Nest Birchwood Pine Liquidless Diffuser

These diffusers are just right for stylish Libras. Plus, they’re no-mess, because the lovely scents are dispersed into the air without flame or liquid. What’s more, the Scandi-chic stand beats those fusty-looking diffusers any day.

Buy it: $60,

Gifts for Scorpio Moms (October 23 – November 21)

Intense, passionate and determined, Scorpio women are all-or-nothing. They steamroll ahead toward any goal they set, and yet are quite observant. They notice things others may not pick up on and often have a knack for detail.

Image: Courtesy Annieglass

Annieglass Ultramarine Starfish

Perfect for the water-sign mom: This beautiful, sustainably handmade “Wish Upon a Starfish” dish draws its inspiration from the sea life of Monterey Bay, near the Annieglass studio in California. Your Scorpio friend will be sure to admire its special touches, including the realistic texture and vibrant depth of color.

Buy it: $53,

Image: Courtesy The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys Dainty Key Necklace

Hand-crafted in downtown Los Angeles, this necklace will inspire the Scorpio mom not just by what it says but how it’s part of the company’s larger mission to fight homelessness. Choose from a variety of inspirational words or create your own.

Buy it: $30,

Gifts for Sagittarius Moms (November 22 – December 21)

This outdoorsy mom rarely has a free weekend. No cleaning closets or catching up on Netflix for her; she’s out on a last-minute getaway with her family. And that makes perfect sense, since Sagittarius happens to be the sign associated with travel. As a fire sign, Sagittarius moms also often have a temper that flares up from time to time, but that anger can be extinguished just as quickly.

Image: Courtesy Patagonia

Patagonia Nano Puff Water-Resistant Jacket

Patagonia’s nano jacket is a cult favorite among outdoorists for a reason. It’s lightweight and easy to stuff into a pack, but offers top-notch warmth, with a water-resistant shell that’s environmentally conscious.

Buy it: $199,

Image: Courtesy AWAY

Away Travel Carry On Suitcase

For jetsetters, the Away carry-on is the ultimate travel companion. It’s protected by a durable shell, sized to fit in most airlines’ overhead bins and even comes with a battery that can charge your phone four times over. Bonus: There are tons of cute colors to choose from.

Buy it: $225,

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