My Ring Finally Fits Again! and Other Postpartum Milestones

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May 10, 2017
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Since my twins were born, I can say that my Instagram feed has one subject and one subject only: babies. And it’s not just me — my mom and my sisters watch and document their every move via some sort of device, whether it’s a phone, camera or iPod. Baby milestones are important! But I have found that it’s important to celebrate mommy’s milestones, too. Here are my top three big moments.

1.  First time out without babies:  For some reason, this was somewhat anticlimactic, and I feel like a crummy mom for saying so. I wasn’t devastated or anxious to leave my twins with my mother while my hubby and I grabbed some lunch. I was ready for it! We had just spent four days in the hospital and the following day we went to lunch for burgers and a milkshake. We were gone for about 30 minutes. The weirdest part of being away from my children was thinking that no one around me knew I’d just had babies. I went from being extremely, obviously pregnant to just another girl at Smashburger. I wanted to grab anyone who walked past me and say, “I just had two babies!  I’m a mom now!”

2.  The shoe fits:  This was a big one for me. I did something in pregnancy that I swore to myself I would never, ever do. I wore Crocs. But I promise, it was an absolute necessity. And you couldn’t really tell they were Crocs. Mine weren’t the iconic perforated clog, but one pair of black flats and one pair of red strappy sandals. Towards the end, even the Crocs didn’t fit my puffed-to-the-max feet. I had one pair of ugly $2 flip flops from Old Navy that I wore every day. Needless to say, after the babies were born I was ecstatic when the swelling in my feet had gone down enough to put on a pair of real shoes.

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3.  The ring fits:  I had to remove my engagement ring and wedding band around 27 weeks. They were getting quite snug on my finger, and I didn’t want to wait until too late. Since the babies were born, I’ve tried the rings on each week, and I began to think my ring finger had grown accustomed to its freedom. But finally! Six weeks postpartum, I was finally able to squeeze my engagement ring on. I’m just not ready for the wedding band yet.

What were your most memorable postbaby milestones?

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