New Beginnings

We couldn’t think of a better way of kicking off 2015 than with a brand-new look — one that puts you front and center.
ByJulia Wang
Editorial Director
March 2, 2017
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Welcome to The Bump! If you take a look around, you’ll see we’ve made some changes — in our design, in how we deliver content and how we’ve personalized it with you in mind. Sound exciting? Here’s what you can look forward to:

Simple, Clean Design
The Bump’s new design — bright, happy, inviting — reflects our commitment and promise to be the modern go-to destination for pregnancy and parenting. Our simplified, clean look puts you right in the middle of the content you care about and connects you with our community. Now with our news-feed based format, you can easily and quickly catch up on everything for baby and you.

Personalized, Week-By-Week Home Page
The Bump’s home page will greet you with the latest content, community and calendar information personalized to the exact week of your pregnancy or the first-year with baby. (Week-by-week toddler content is on the way!)

A Whole New Mobile Web Experience
The much-loved experience of The Bump iOS and Android apps is now coming to the mobile web. From any smartphone’s browser, you can now enjoy The Bump’s award-winning content and personalized home page in a simple, intuitive feed. So now, however you visit us — on mobile, desktop, tablet or using our Pregnancy and Baby apps, it’s a similar experience across all screens.

Baby Milestones Video Series
Charting baby’s growth in utero with our pregnancy week-by-week videos is one of the most popular features on The Bump. Now you can follow baby’s development outside the womb with our newly launched baby milestones series. See how other parents whose babies share a birth month with yours are handling nap time, the introduction of solids, tummy time as well as learn about their personal journey to parenthood.

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The Bump Contributor Network
We’re all about connecting you with others who are going through the same joys and challenges of pregnancy and parenting. With our new contributors (Molly Sims, Soleil Moon Frye, The Pump and Dump and more in the coming months), you’ll hear from real voices, get real advice and experience no-holds-barred laughs about parenting and everything in between.

We’ve always been here to help you navigate and celebrate the joys (and hiccups) of pregnancy and parenthood. Thanks to your feedback, we’re just excited we can do it better!

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