What a Positive Pregnancy Test Really Looks Like

You bought the test, peed, waited three minutes and now it’s (finally!) the moment of truth… but, uh, is that really a positive? Results can be pretty tricky to read — especially when you’ve got a faded line or a kinda-there plus sign. See real women’s positive tests pictures. We've got the scoop on the most popular brands.
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March 2, 2017
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The Test: First Response Early Response

When she tested: 3.5 weeks after ovulation

Why she picked it: “I used First Response Early Response since the information I found online said it was ranked highest for accuracy as a super early test.” — Alyssa H.*


Image: RachaelW

The Test: EPT Pregnancy Test

When she tested: 3 to 4 weeks after ovulation

Why she picked it: “I used an EPT for my first pregnancy and trusted it for my second. The line is barely visible — but even a barely visible line counts!”  —_ Rachael W. _

Image: camichael84

The Test: Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

When she tested: 8 days after ovulation

Why she picked it: “I was really nervous about the test being wrong so I just wanted something simple that would tell me ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’.” — Camille R.

Image: shimmer475

The Test: First Response Rapid Result

When she tested: 14 days after ovulation

Why she picked it: “I actually meant to buy the First Response Early Result tests instead of the First Response Rapid Result, but turns out they worked just the same.”_ — Betsy D._



Image: kboydbowman

The Test: Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test

When she tested: 12 days after ovulation

Why she picked it: “I really liked how it had a plus for pregnant and a negative for not pregnant. It just looked like it was way easier to read than the other types on the market.” — Marissa K.


Image: WashingtonQueen

The Test: Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

When she tested: 10 days after ovulation

Why she picked it: “A friend recommended them, so we had them on hand. They were also cheap and inexpensive to buy — 25 came in a pack at!” — Maya B.

Image: MrsSparklebottom

The Test: New Choice Pregnancy Test

When she tested: 12 days after ovulation

Why she picked it: “New Choice tests always get pretty good reviews and to be honest, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.” — Ashley O.


Image: TexasTwinMom

The Test: Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator

When she tested: 12 days later

Why she picked it: “It was the newest test on the market so we just had to try it! And I used Clearblue on earlier pregnancies so I trusted the results. Loved how easy it was to use and read!” — Amy T.

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