How I Knew I Was Pregnant—Before I Got a Positive!

Here's how some Bumpies first suspected they were expecting.
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ByThe Bump Editors
Mar 2017
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The highs and lows of pregnancy tests can be a killer. We all dream of that big fat positive (BFP), but sometimes you can tell the babymakin’ worked well before even taking a test (ugh, my achin’ boobs!). Bumpies on the First Trimester board shared how they just knew:

“All of a sudden my dog smelled horrific even though he was clean and all smells/scents were much stronger." –Wildblue22

“I had been eating everything in sight! I normally had a pretty good appetite, but when my husband started commenting on my eating saying ‘how can you still be hungry?’ I knew there had to be a reason for it.” –shear22

“My boobs started hurting and I was so sleepy. I would desperately want a nap at all times of the day, which is weird for me.” –archyperu

“I started gagging while brushing my teeth, the week before I even tested. I just thought ‘well that’s new’ and kept about my business. I also started smelling everything and hating the way certain things smelled.” –ilovenaps

“My boobs hurt so bad and I noticed little stretch marks starting to form on the side of them. My husband also complained about me being irritated over everything and I would cry to sad songs on my iPod; I was kind of an emotional wreck.” –keni9

“I stopped liking chocolate!” –annya26

“My husband’s Old Spice aftershave started smelling like doughnuts. He smelled soooooo good! Then I noticed that I mysteriously did not have any PMS symptoms when I should have.” –redheadscu

“I like to enjoy a glass or two of wine every night. I kept feeling sick after having a glass, and it just didn’t taste good to me. Me not liking wine meant that something is going on.” –sascha3

“We were watching American Idol and I was exhausted, falling asleep all the time, I thought I had mono… I suddenly craved a bologna sandwich… which is nuts because I hate processed meat like that!” –jennjep24

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