Q&A: False Negative on Pregnancy Tests?

I’m trying to conceive and have been monitoring my cycle carefully. I know when I ovulated and I made sure to have plenty of sex around that time. It’s been almost two weeks and I just took a urine test that says I’m not pregnant. Could it be a false negative?
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ByDr. Debbra Keegan
Fertility Specialist
Jan 2017
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Yes. Wait a couple days, hard as it is, and then try peeing on another stick. Most tests are quite accurate, and claim that they can be used even before you miss your period. The truth is, they may not work until the day your period is due, or even after. The tests are designed to detect the presence of hCG, a hormone the placenta releases after conception. But everyone’s levels vary, and your test might not be sensitive enough to detect the amount of hCG in your system. Or, you may have  ovulated a few days later than you thought. You may even have had a faulty or expired test. To decrease the risk of a false negative, test first thing in the morning — your urine will be more concentrated at this time since it’s been collecting in your bladder all night long. If it’s still negative, hang in there and try again in a few days — this time, you may get the result you’re hoping for!

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Dr. Debbra Keegan
Fertility Specialist
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