Best Pregnancy Workout DVDs

You know you’ve got to stay fit during pregnancy, but you don’t feel like schlepping to the gym. Check out these workout DVDs recommended by Bumpies that will get you moving right at home.
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March 2, 2017
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Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy

“I liked Denise Austin’s pregnancy workout the best during my first pregnancy. It’s pretty low-key, though, especially if you’ve been doing anything intense. I tried a bunch of DVDs, and that’s the only one that kept my interest.” — frwndoh

$9 at


Erin O’Brien's Prenatal Fitness Fix

“This DVD set is pretty good — there are yoga sections and a postnatal section. It’s going to seem stupid and easy for you in your first trimester, but trust me, when you’re six to nine months along, you’ll be sweating and panting to this. Also, I used the postnatal exercises, and it was definitely uplifting to do them, since they focus on rebuilding your ab wall and you can’t really do much right away.” — Charlee206




Lindsay Brin’s Complete Pregnancy 4-DVD Workout Set

“This one has cardio, toning and yoga geared toward each trimester. It also comes with a postbaby boot camp DVD.” — _katcarls _



Suzanne Bowen’s Long & Lean Prenatal Workout

“I love Suzanne Bowen’s Long & Lean Prenatal Workout. It’s very low-impact, but it works you from head to toe without making you sweat buckets or making your arms and butt sore the next day. It’s very gentle and flowy.” — DisneyFan3



Bar Method Pregnancy Workout DVD

“The workout was about 40 minutes and was tough (like regular Bar Method classes), but it was definitely pregnancy-friendly with plenty of modification options.” — laney75



Gabrielle Reece Fit & Healthy Prenatal Workouts

“I just got this workout DVD. It has 15 different workouts for all three trimesters, plus some postnatal workouts. I’ve only done it a couple of times, but I really like it. It’s not cardio, but light lifting and stretching.” — _egalerin _

$9 at

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