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Preschool Supplies You’ll Want to Snatch Up

Most of my friends' kids started school today, but I've still got another week until my son's first day of preschool. (So all that shopping I did over the weekend can't be considered last-minute — for once I'm actually slightly ahead of the game!). Here are a few cute things I picked up — and I few I wished I'd gotten him. If you're still back-to-school shopping, I hope this gives you inspiration. What were some of your favorite school supplies you bought for your child this year?

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie

I love the Zoo line from Skip Hop and got one of these lunchies as a gift (we actually have the monkey, but this giraffe is one of the newest animals to be added to the collection). Way better than a brown bag, it’s insulated and adorable to boot. $14 at SkipHop.com


Melissa and Doug Sketch Pad

I can’t even believe my kid is old enough to keep a journal, but his Pre-K3 teacher wants him to have a blank notepad, so we can see how far he progresses throughout the school year. I’m so excited about what this will have in it. $3, MelissaAndDoug.com


Harajuku Mini Jackets

How sweet are these mini varsity jackets for toddlers? They’re from the Harajuku Mini line, designed by Gwen Stefani, so they’re affordable too. I’m partial to the girls’ majorette jacket — brings me back to my high school days. And the skull and crossbones on the boys’ jacket gives it a dose of pirate. Prices available in Target stores.


Blabla Charles Canvas Backpack

I’m digging the old school feel of this lion backpack, $32 LandOfNod.com


Crayola Crayons

Okay, I know this one is a no-brainer, but there is something about opening up a brand-new box of Crayola Crayons that just makes everything feel fresh and new and full of promises. Major nostalgia. $2.30, OfficeMax.com


Converse Chuck Taylor, Simple Police Car Shoes

My kid will actually wear a uniform to preschool (private school!) so he’ll only be able to wear his police car shoes on the weekends, but he’s totally obsessed with them. And can you blame him? $32, Amazon.com

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