16 Soothing Baby Loveys They’ll Truly Love

The right security blanket, or “blankie,” will do wonders for your kid’s comfort and confidence.
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July 11, 2019
babies holding their loveys for comfort
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There’s a reason so many children adopt some sort of security blanket. It’s super-important for baby to learn to self-soothe, and not just because it gives you a break from constantly comforting them! It helps them gain confidence as they adjust to the big and sometimes-scary world around them. If you’re ready to introduce a baby security blanket, try a classic baby “lovey” or “blankie.”

First things first: What is a lovey? The broad term refers to any calming object a child attaches to, but the most common kind of baby lovey is a small, soft piece of fabric (a mini blanket), sometimes attached to a stuffed animal. These types of lovies for babies are great because they’re easy to carry and safe to sleep with—that is, after the 12-month mark. Here, learn when to give baby a lovey, then shop 16 of our favorite blankies on the market.

When Can Baby Sleep With a Lovey?

Introducing a baby lovey may sound like a great first step toward sleep training, but you should actually avoid giving baby a security blanket to sleep with until they’ve turned one. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to keep their kids’ cribs blankie-free for the first 12 months due to the serious threat of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Many lovies for babies are advertised as safe for infants and can make for a sweet plaything, but hold off on making them a part of your bedtime routine until baby’s first birthday.

The Best Baby Loveys

Whether you’re searching for fan-favorite baby security blankets with animal heads or a more simple (but still super-soft) blankie, we’ve found a baby lovey perfect for your little one.

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Image: Courtesy B. Toys by Battat

B. Toys by Battat B. Snugglies Fluffy Bunz the Bunny Security Blanket

There’s nothing like a snuggly bunny lovey to sooth your tot during naptime. This one also provides a ton of tactile stimulation, thanks to the tuggable ears and plush fabric.

Buy it: $10,

Image: Courtesy Hudson Baby

Hudson Baby Giraffe Baby Security Blanket

This giraffe lovey has the sweetest little face and the softest blankie fabric to boot.

Buy it: $11,

Image: Courtesy Magnetic Me

Magnetic Me Baby Lovey Security Blanket in Animal Safari

Say hello to baby’s new best friend: this unique, totally adorable elephant lovey. We love the jungle print on the blankie, not to mention the silky-soft material. The luxe lovey also makes a great gift.

Buy it: $22,

Image: Courtesy Jellycat

Jellycat Bashful Monkey Baby Security Blanket

Baby will love nuzzling this warm, cozy blankie, which comes attached to a full-blown stuffed animal (not just the head)! In fact, that’s what really sets this monkey lovey apart.

Buy it: $20,

Image: Courtesy Little Giraffe

Little Giraffe Luxe Faux Fur Blanky

This simple baby lovey has an appealing furry center surrounded by the silkiest edges ever. How’s that for stimulating and soothing texture?

Buy it: $48,

Image: Courtesy Angel Dear

Angel Dear Blankie in Fox

Baby’s bound to get some dirt, food or who-knows-what-else on their lovey, especially if they carry it everywhere. That’s why a machine-washable option, like this sweet fox lovey, comes in clutch.

Buy it: $13,

Image: Courtesy Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials Snowcap Scene Minky Snuggle Blanket in Grey

This Amazon’s Choice baby security blanket has a unique design we love. The bear lovey features a rustic mountain scene on the blankie portion, which will fit right in in a nature-inspired nursery or playroom.

Buy it: $11,

Image: Courtesy Maisonette

Lucy Darling Little Rainbow Lovey

Brighten your little one’s day with this adorable rainbow-themed baby lovey. The faux fur fabric is trimmed in satin to feel luxuriously soft against your babe’s sensitive skin, and the plush rainbow makes for fun fidgeting (and gnawing).

Buy it: $25,

Image: Courtesy Zestt Organics

Zestt Organic Elephant Lovey

Your baby lovey is going to see a whole lot of snuggles, so why not make sure your kiddo’s face is pressed up against nothing but the best? This lovey blanket is made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Buy it: $34,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Animal Thumbies

Pottery Barn sells some of the cutest loveys for babies around. This bunny blankie is crafted from faux fur and the nose from faux suede for the softest of snuggles. It’s even hypoallergenic and made with environmentally safe dyes. Also available in a lion and hippo.

Buy it: $19,

Image: Courtesy Ivie Baby

Ivie Baby Floral Llama Lovey

Just look at this insanely cute llama lovey. It’s a trendy choice your mom friends will obsess over.

Buy it: $30,

Image: Courtesy Snoozies

Snoozies Cozy Little Lovies Plush Satin Owl Baby Blanket

This colorful owl lovey is a hoot! We like the quirky design and mix of silky and plush fabrics. The excellent Amazon reviews prove other parents do too.

Buy it: Starting from $13,

Image: Courtesy Robin's Lullaby

Robin’s Lullaby Personalized Taggie Security Blanket Lovey

This sensory baby lovey has little tags all over for little ones to grab and hold. The bumpy texture is sure to capture baby’s interest too. But the best part of this beautiful floral lovey blanket is the personalization option—get it embroidered with your munchkin’s name for an extra-special keepsake.

Buy it: Starting from $18,

Image: Courtesy Estella

Estella Organic Octopus Baby Security Blanket

Searching for an organic baby lovey? Check out this one-of-a-kind blankie with a playful octopus design. It’s hand-knitted and feels like the coziest of sweaters, which sets it apart from plush and silk loveys.

Buy it: $25,

Image: Courtesy Burt's Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees Baby Hold Me Bee Soother Security Blanket

Leave it to Burt’s Bees Baby to make another awesome organic option. This blankie comes attached to a—you guessed it—bee. It’s made from snuggly velour cotton that’s pleasant to stroke.

Buy it: Starting from $15,

Image: Courtesy Spearmint LOVE

Spearmint LOVE Unicorn Knotted Security Blanket

Another childrens’ fad we’re here for? Unicorn kids’ gear. This dreamy baby security blanket has knotted edges to grasp, a soft muslin base and a silky trim. It also comes with a coordinating drawstring bag—talk about a great gift.

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