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Top 10 Lunch Boxes for Toddlers

Your tot wants a super-cool, trendy tote to carry to preschool every day, and you want something that’s organized, easy to pack (and clean!), and holds up longer than a few weeks. Take a peek at the lunch boxes that do all that — and more.

Best Animal-Themed Bag

The zoo lunchies from SkipHop are the ultimate win-win: They’re fun for kids (hello, did you see the adorable animal designs?!) and they’re easy to clean for mom (just wipe ‘em down). SkipHop.com , $14



Best for Soup

Dads will love doing lunch duty when they get to play with this R2D2 thermos at the same time. Whether your toddler is a young Jedi or not, he’ll love the lights and sounds it makes! For those extra chilly winter days, you can stash soups and stews for a comforting, warm lunch. Diapers.com , $17



Best for Preschoolers

Just need something to get her lunch to school and back with as little mess as possible? Then this is the bag for you! It comes with all the basics and in tons of cool color combinations. BabiesRUs.com , $10



Best Notes-From-Home Bag

You can write a fresh new note (or drawing) every day with this adorable tote. It comes with a dry erase board and marker (just don’t say anything too embarrassing!). ToysRUs.com , $4



Best for a Mini Fashionista

This bag has adorable flowers and can even be carried like a little purse (which your daughter will love!), but we’re really head over heels for the No Spills feature. You can toss this bag in the washing machine for easy clean up (score!). Diapers.com , $26



Best for Packing Separates

You can stash deli meats, cheese and healthy helpings of veggies separately in this awesome bento box. It’s kid-friendly and comes with an easy-to-open lid. Diapers.com , $7



Best Over-the-Shoulder Bag

Made for mom or baby, these awesome bags come with a carry handle and an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap. We love that they’re roomy enough for tons of snacks, so you can use them for preschool lunch or an afternoon at the park. VeraBradley.com , $36



Best Classic Made Cool

Remember those tin lunch totes? Well, they’re back and cooler than ever! With fun designs and a two-level storage system, these retro bags are all the rage again. Amazon.com , $14



Best for the Environment

You can feel good about using and reusing this eco-friendly bag: It’s made without harsh chemicals like PVC, BPA and formamides. It also comes with an adorable design and plenty of storage space. IPlayBabyWear.com , $17



Best for Toddlers

This super toddler-friendly and totally cute duck-themed bento box comes with a carry-on spoon and has plenty of storage space (so foods won’t mix together — something we know toddlers hate!). PiyoPiyo.com , $21

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