Real Reactions to Positive Pregnancy Tests

Bumpies share their candid, uncensored reactions to finding out they were pregnant.
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January 30, 2017
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“I ran out of the bathroom with my pants still down at my ankles and screamed for my husband.” — _Rebecca J. _

“I called the nurse a liar and redid the test myself (I worked for a doctor’s office at that time). When the results came out positive, I apologized over and over again to her.” — June T.

“I guzzled some water so I could take another test to be sure.” — _Regina S. _

“I screamed, ‘Oh my god,’ probably 10 times until my husband came running to see what was the matter. We both started laughing and crying.” — Rosy C.

“I ran around my living room in disbelief, and then I went to look at it again to make sure I didn’t read it wrong. I called my husband, who’s in the military. He said he almost cried and jumped in the air, but he had to act tough in front of his colleagues.” — _Brittany H. _

“I had a mega panic attack because I wasn’t planning on having a baby. It was a total shock, but then I was so happy.” — Willow V.

“They ran some tests while I was getting prepped for surgery. A nurse told me, and I laughed nervously. What a shock!” — Tracy B.

“I was at Walmart with my boyfriend and his mother. I had been feeling funny, so I walked off on my own to take a test. I came out of the bathroom crying and waving the test — my boyfriend and his mom had no idea what was going on.” — _Amber M. _

“I laughed at myself because I only took it to prove to myself I wasn’t pregnant. I thought I had been making up the symptoms in my head!” — _Stacey W. _

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“I got in my car and drove to show my sister the test — just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.” — Celissa K.

“I yelled for my boyfriend, and then we ate a bowl of cereal in shock.” — _Katherine S. _

“I handed my unopened Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottle to my husband and told him baby number three was on the way. I don’t drink a lot, but good thing I tested before I started drinking.” — Sonja W.

“We told my six-year-old and had her write out a sign saying, ‘I’m going to be a big sister.’ We took a picture of her and posted it on Facebook to announce it to our family and friends.” —_ Michelle P._

“I threw the test on the floor — I didn’t expect to be pregnant!” — _Danielle M. _

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