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The Bump Picks: Best Children’s Books

Happy National Read a Book Day! Want to grab something new to read to baby? The Bump staff picked some books we loved as kids and still love as adults. Pick up one of these! What's your favorite book from childhood? What do you read to baby?

500 Hats by Dr. Seuss

"One of Dr. Seuss' lesser known masterpieces. My brother and I used to read it out loud to each other when we were growing up. I think we liked it so much because it was so ridiculous and imaginative. We would holler with laughter." - Meghan Overdeep, Assistant Editor


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

"I loved The Rainbow Fish, mainly because the fish had such pretty shiny scales." - Kathleen Mulpeter, Associate Community Manager


The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey

"l loved the puppy's curiosity and watching him get in trouble. I thought he was so cute!" - Shannon Guyton, Web Developer


Madeline and the Gypsies by Ludwig Bemelmans

"As a child I loved all of the Madeline books, and my favorite one of all was Madeline and the Gypsies. It sounded like so much fun to live the gypsy life—juggling, tightrope walking, no school and no tooth brushing! I still find Ludwig Bemelmans artwork in the book inspiring today." - Laura Fenton, Lifestyle Editor


Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss

"This was the first book I ever read, and it’s totally silly and amazing." - Rebecca Crumley, Photo Editor


Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

"Sendak's illustrations made it easy to imagine Max's wild adventures. Any time I babysit, I read this to the kids. . .even if they don't request it." - Leah Rocketto, Editorial Assistant


Eloise by Kay Thompson

"I love Eloise, because she is always filling her time with adventures in New York’s Plaza Hotel. She introduced me to the concept of room service and “Charging it!" Definitely one of my most favorite books of all time!" - Samantha Roberts, Assistant Editor


I am a Kitten by Ole Risom

"This is one of the only books I can actually remember reading as a kid. I was so young that I couldn't read yet, but I remember trying to convince my mom that I was reading, when all I was doing was looking at the pictures and reciting what I'd memorized her reading to me." - Danielle Lipp, Assistant Managing Editor


Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

"My mother used to read this to me and my brothers." - Brooke Alovis, Managing Editor


Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

"My grandmother and I read this habitually when I was growing up. We love it so much that when we’re on the phone together, we use the book’s title as our goodbye before hanging up." - Rachel Sylvester, Editorial Assistant


Amelia Bedlia by Peggy Parish

"I love how Amelia takes ordinary tasks and literally interprets them — like when she was supposed to dress a chicken and she decked it out in an outfit. It always made me laugh as a kid!" - Kristin Cimonetti, Marketing and Distribution Associate