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The Cutest Holiday Outfits for Your Santa Babies

There’s nothing cuter than tiny clothing for tiny tots — and that’s even more true when it comes to holiday-inspired outfits. So what’s going to wear well for everything from outdoor tree-lighting ceremonies and festive family gatherings to ripping open presents on Christmas morning? Well, look no further. Cue the awwws and get out your camera phones for those sweet snapshots.


  1. Snowflake Holiday Sweater, 46.95, Polarn O Pyret
  2. Baby Turban, $48, Bacabuche.com
  3. Hand Knit Cardigan with Hood, $130; Hand Knit Baby Bloomers, $60, Bacabuche.com
  4. Kapital K Shirt Coverall in Navy Star, $29.99, Buybuybaby.com
  5. A-Line Pocket Dress, $75, Bacabuche.com
  6. Faux Fur Bunting, $39, RHbabyandchild.com
  7. Velour Dropped Waist Holiday Dress, $42.50. Polarn O Pyret
  8. Merino Wool Jacquard Pants, $42.40, Polarn O Pyret
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