The Local Moms Network Connects Parents With Their Community

Because no one should take the leap of faith into parenting without a little help.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Updated August 6, 2020
the three mom boss's behind the local moms network
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Stepping into motherhood with ease has less to do with skill and more to do with your—yes, you guessed it—village. But we get it—making mom friends isn’t at the top of your priority list during those crazy early years of parenting. Lucky for you, parents today are privy to endless online resources that help you to effortlessly expand your circle. Need a starting point? Try The Local Moms Network.

The site is curated by moms, for moms and provides all kinds of connections within local communities. Its three founders, Jessica Blouin, Layla Lisiewski and Megan Sullivan, are “committed to giving moms the gift of time.” With chapters currently in more than 70 suburbs in 20 states across the country, it provides local resources and community connections. You can check out all of its locations and look for your local network here.

And it’s not just about helping mothers find local resources. The women behind the brand are also driven to provide career opportunities that fit into mothers’ lives. The Local Moms Network is constantly looking to expand to new locations with talented mamas to join their team. “We believe wholeheartedly in providing moms opportunities to work from home and around their kid’s schedules,” its founders say.

Get the lowdown on The Local Moms Network, and how its leading ladies stay sane through it all.

What are some ways parents can use The Local Moms Network to their advantage?

MS: Parents can use our local sites to stay connected within their communities through our activities calendars, curated resources and content with a local twist. We also try to help parents save time by sifting through the information available to them, providing them with organized and accessible resources to cover all their needs.

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How did having young kids at home actually help you while you were building The Local Moms Network?

MS: At one point, I had three boys all under three! It was certainly a crazy time to be in the infancy of creating a business, but it was also the best of times. Being in the thick of parenting helped me think about the way we curate our platform, and helped me ensure we were providing all of the resources busy caregivers really need.

What are your best hacks for managing some kind of a work-life balance?

MS: I have two parenting hacks I swear by. First, write everything down and plan ahead! Being organized makes being a working mom of three so much easier. Second, take some time for yourself. I try to give myself a half hour to an hour every day to work out, read, catch up with friends or simply enjoy some downtime. Being a mom is such a big job, and it’s important to give yourself time to recharge.

Image: Alexandra Blair Photography

What’s one product you wouldn’t have made it through parenting without?

MS: That’s a tough one. The first thing that comes to mind is coffee! But in all seriousness: the BOB Double Stroller. Wherever we go, we just pile in. We can get anywhere and still have room to store all the stuff that our kids need.

Has your parenting style changed at all from your first to your third child?

LL: I’d like to say I’m more relaxed as a parent, but the truth is, I’m not. I’m just as mystified and confused about this parenting thing as I was two children ago. But although my parenting style hasn’t changed, I’ve realized the importance of making the most of my time with my kids. I try my best to be 100 percent present with every opportunity I have to be with them.

Any epic #MomFails along the way?

LL: I laugh at myself all the time. As moms, we juggle hundreds of things a day and some things are bound to go wrong. I locked my keys and my phone in my car (yes, that can still happen with today’s technology!) while I was out with my infant and late to school pickup for my older two. Of course I panicked and called 911.

What advice do you have for new moms that you wish someone told you?

LL: Being a new mom can be isolating until you’ve found your squad. You may not be going through the experience of being a new mom with dear friends from high school or college, but with complete strangers you meet in your kids’ programs or playgroups. These strangers will become a part of your life simply because you share the experience of entering parenthood at the same time. The Local Moms Network was created to provide parents with more time to spend figuring out who they connect with best, and strengthening their new mom community.

Published July 2019

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