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Top 12 Babyproofing Products

Marble coffee tables, chrome finished cabinets, spiral staircases – suddenly your favorite furniture has become the enemy. Here’ are the must-haves to make your home safe for baby.

Furniture Corner Cushions

Soften the sharp edges of your coffee table with corner cushions. Be subtle with this safety item, and chose a color that matches the décor. $10 for 4, CardinalGates.com

Photo: Cardinal Gates / The Bump

Anti-Tip Kits

Baby is pretty strong (and pretty willful, in case you haven’t noticed).  As she becomes more mobile, she’ll use anything to try and pull herself – the dog, the couch, a bookshelf. Make sure anything that can topple over is anchored to the wall. $4, Amazon.com

Photo: The Bump

Stove Knob Covers

Those big knobs are too tempting! Slip on some knob covers to prevent baby from turning the knob and starting some unwanted kitchen chaos . $10 for 5, Diapers.com

Photo: Safety First / The Bump

Drawer and Door Locks

You know to store toxic items, like oven cleaner or wasp repellent, in a high cabinet. But don’t forget the dangers down below like detergent, heavy skillets, and alcohol. Keep baby out with cabinet and drawer locks. $9, Kidsafeinc.com


Photo: KidCo / The Bump

Finger Guards

Save the door slamming for her teenage years! Finger guards stops doors from fully closing and keep baby’s fingers intact. $3, ToysRUs.com

Photo: Especially for Baby / The Bump

Baby Bath Tub

If he’s too big for the sink but too small for the tub, try an inflatable tub. It offers enough room to bathe and play, and is soft for some extra security. $20, OneStepAhead.com

Photo: One Step Ahead / The Bump

Temp Guard

Available as a duck, frog, or lobster, these animals let you know when the water is too hot for baby. They also double as a bath tub toy! $7, Amazon.com

Photo: Safety 1st / The Bump

Toilet Seat Lock

Keep your keys and your baby out of the toilet. Though Amy Poehler struggled with these in Baby Mama, lid locks come off with a little lift and pull. $8, AlBeeBaby.com

Photo: Mommys Helper / The Bump

Outlet Cover

Stock up on sliding covers. They open the outlet with a simple push rather than pulling off the cover. $3 for 2, BabiesRUs.com

Photo: Babies R Us / The Bump

Cord Shortener

Prevent any tripping or choking by purchasing cord shorteners. As an added bonus, they tidy up those tangled areas around the outlets. $3, KidSafeInc.com

Photo: Kid Safe Inc / The Bump

Adjustable Gates

When she starts to crawl, the stairs will be your biggest battle. Adjustable gates keep her on solid ground and keep you from sprinting to the stairs. $43, OneStepAhead.com

Photo: One Step Ahead / The Bump

Choke Tube Tester

Don’t forget about the little things! If an item can fit through the tube, keep it out of your baby’s reach. $3, PerfectlySafe.com

Photo: Perfectly Safe / The Bump
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