Ultrasounds for Twins?

I’m pregnant with twins. How often will I need to get ultrasounds?
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You can expect your OB to do an early ultrasound on your first office visit post-conception, just to make sure everything’s okay. If you’re transporting fraternal twins or triplets, you’ll get your big anatomy scan between weeks 18 and 22. Prepare to settle in — because your OB will be looking at everything (heart, lungs, liver) times two (or more), the scan can take a good 45 minutes or more. After that, expect to get an in-the-womb look every four weeks, starting at about your 26th week. Why the frequent peeks? Your doctor is just making sure everyone is growing at the right rate and getting along (yes, they’re learning to share and play nice even now). Special shout‑out to moms of identical twins: Because there are more issues involved (these babies are sharing blood, fluids, placenta — all the good stuff), plan to be under the wand even more frequently.

Your OB will likely be checking monthly growth scans, and also will be doing a fluid check by looking at your amniotic sac every two weeks to make sure everything is going well in the sac.

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