Will My Body Be the Same After Pregnancy?

Now that I have a bump, I want to know: Will my body ever be the same again?
ByThe Bump Editors
March 2, 2017
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No, not likely. But that’s okay. Your body is an amazing thing, designed to be stretched and pulled. The skin on your middle may never be as firm, and you could wind up with stretch-mark souvenirs. But you’ll probably also gain some sexy curves. Take good care of yourself now, keep it up postpartum, and you’ll be somewhat back to normal. Trust us, if you exercise and stay within the advised weight-gain ranges, you’ll have a much easier time toning up and dropping the “baby weight” after delivery. Don’t expect to slim down overnight, though. Your body’s going through nine months of changes. It can take another nine to 12 to get back into gear.

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