Would You Buy a Pelvic Floor Trainer to Track Kegel Exercises?

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By Ivy Jacobson, Associate Editor, The Knot
Updated March 2, 2017
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If you’re not sure if all those postbirth kegel exercises are working, here’s a new solution: the kGoal Pelvic Floor Trainer. The kGoal (get it?) is a device (that kind of resembles a sex toy, but 100 percent isn’t) and an app that tracks your pelvic floor exercise progress.

Much like exercise tools Fitbit and Jawbone UP, the kGoal measures the force you exert doing kegels and wirelessly syncs with your phone to give you feedback. The device also vibrates on its own to provide feedback via vibration.

So how does it work? The wide part of the device is inserted into your vagina, and the smaller side is supposed to rest against your exterior pubic area to stabilize the device.

Kegel exercises are super important because they strengthen and maintain pelvic muscles after giving birth. The best way to do Kegels is to pretend your pelvic floor is an elevator. First, contract your pelvic floor muscles a little to the first “floor,” then a little more to the second “floor,” ending at the fourth “floor.” Hold for a few seconds, then release one floor at a time.

This method isolates the pelvic floor muscles and demands controlled contraction and release.

Would you buy a pelvic floor trainer?

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