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Your Baby Is 31 Weeks Old!

If baby fusses and cries when you leave her or even when you just let someone else hold her, she's probably experiencing separation anxiety. Not all babies go through this, and it's more likely to happen if she's not normally left with a caregiver. Though listening to her tears may be painful, it's important not to cave in and pick her up. Pushing through the initial discomfort is the only way she'll get used to being with other people. Establish a routine that you repeat every time you leave to help baby feel more secure.

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Getting mouthy
Baby's teeth are sprouting, and it's causing her to drool like crazy. She's also starting to experiment with her voice. Don't worry if these first teeth — usually the center bottom — grow in a little crooked. By age three, when all 20 teeth have come in, they should straighten out.


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[tip]  Leave baby with someone familiar for a few hours and see a movie, grab coffee with a friend, or run some errands. Seeing you leave and (more importantly) return will help baby adjust to being without you for longer periods in the future.

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