Your Baby Is 5 Weeks Old!

Baby's now able to respond to specific sounds, so you'll soon find out whether he prefers the Beastie Boys or Bach. Don't get too concerned about high-level educational material quite yet, though — your cuddling, singing, and conversation are all he needs to learn at this point. Baby's neck muscles are also developing — he might even be able to hold up his head and turn it for short periods.
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March 2, 2017
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Your resident night owl
Now that baby is interacting more with the world, he’s also more awake — for up to 10 hours a day, though (thankfully) not all in a row. At this age, many babies still can’t tell day and night apart on their own, but sticking to a nap and bedtime routine should help him get the hang of it. Though he may not always cooperate, staying firm will help both of you sleep like babies far into the future.


[tip]  Place a warm washcloth over baby’s stomach to keep him warm in the tub.

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