Meaning:son of my sorrow; son of my strength
Benoni is a profound masculine name of Hebrew origin uniquely tied to the biblical Benjamin. As the last of Jacob's sons, Benjamin's birth was a painful one for Rachel from which she did not survive. In her final breaths, she named him Benoni—often translated as "son of my sorrow"— which Jacob later changed to Benjamin, "son of the right hand." Yet, while Benoni may appear to reflect a most harrowing circumstance, further exploration into its roots reveal a two-fold meaning. As the inspiration for the second part of the name, the verb און ('wn) simply expresses being subject to much, whether negative or positive. און can mean sorrow, but it's most widely translated as "potency" or "vigor." In this light, Benoni could mean "son of my strength" and serve as a lasting reminder that sometimes the hardest moments can instill the most powerful qualities.

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