Meaning:Peaceful ruler
Fredrika is a Swedish alternative to the name Frederica. Composed of the Germanic elements frid and ric, the moniker reads as “peaceful ruler.” Baby can proudly refer to their namesake  Fredrika Bremer, the Finnish-born Swedish writer and feminist reformer, during introductions. Widely regarded as the Swedish Jane Austen, Bremer was very influential with regards to womens rights. In her late 30s, she successfully petitioned King Charles XIV for emancipation from her brother’s wardship; in her 50s, her novel granted all unmarried Swedish women legal majority, and the country’s first female tertiary school can also be credited to her. In 1884, she founded the first women’s rights organization in Sweden too. Frederika Charlotta Runeberg was another iconic figure, being one of the first woman journalists in Finland and the pioneer of Finnish historical fiction. Imbued with righteous indignation and fiery spirit, Frederika is a name fit for an activist in the making!
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