Other Origin(s):German, Japanese, Vietnamese
Meaning:Demeanour; Resolute protector; Beautiful; Praiseworthy; Splendid; Vietnamese group
One thing to take away from Mien is that it’s a colorful name. That much is certain, because depending on the lens you look at it from, this moniker takes on a different meaning. For instance, the English dictionary would have you believe that it is synonymous with “demeanour.” On the other hand, German sources would point in the direction of “resolute protector,” as the shortened version of Wilhemina. Go far east, and the Japanese language interprets Mien in all sorts of ways, based on how it’s spelt using hanja. Some of these include “beautiful,” praiseworthy,” and “splendid.” In Vietnam, it’s an umbrella term for how a certain group of people are known by. So, baby Mien seems to feel at home wherever they go. But what this moniker does best is not pigeonhole your little one to a single thing. Instead, they are free to explore and find out for themselves who they are and their place in the world.

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