Other Origin(s):Bulgarian, Russian
Meaning:Stone, rock; Oracle of Delphi; Pine tree
Pitia is a gender-neutral name with a variety of potential origins and meanings to inspire your little one. It can serve as a variant of Petia or Petya, a Bulgarian or Russian nickname for Peter. Meaning “stone” or “rock,” this name can connect baby to a long-lasting symbol of endurance and stability. If you’ve got a love for Greek mythology, Pitia can also be a variant of the Greek moniker Pythia, referring to the iconic Oracle of Delphi. Whether you want to connect baby to these iconic stories or remind them that they’re in charge of their own future, Pitia can make for a great choice. Pitia can also be linked to Pitys, meaning “pine tree,” and referring the Greek god Pan’s love interest, and Pittheus, the King of Troezen. No matter which meaning serves as baby’s main inspiration, the moniker Pitia can be a great start to their journey in life.

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