Other Origin(s):Greek, Hebrew
Meaning:Stately; Majestic; Courteous; Hawk-like; From the fairy place; Gift of light
Shaylene is a lovely girl's name of Irish, Hebrew, and Greek origin. This pick is overflowing with beauty across many languages. In terms of its Irish roots, it's most likely an anglicized form of Séaghdha, which translates to "stately," "majestic," "courteous," and interestingly, "hawk-like. Some sources also claim it means "from the fairy palace," which baby will probably favor over the others. Shaylene may also be a creative blend of the Hebrew name Shai, meaning "gift," and the Greek name Lene, meaning "light." Either way, you've stumbled upon a truly soulful namesake worthy of an epic poem! You may recognize the more popular spelling, Shailene, as in American actress Woodley, known for the film The Fault in Our Stars and the TV drama Big Little Lies.
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